Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
LEGO Forma avaliable to VIP members via LEGO VIP Rewards (£26.25 worth of VIP points)
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LEGO Forma avaliable to VIP members via LEGO VIP Rewards (£26.25 worth of VIP points)

Posted 16th MarAvailable: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

LEGO VIP Rewards Centre is offering LEGO VIP members the opportunity to redeem their VIP points and claim the very hard to find LEGO Forma set and skin packs.

For 4200 VIP points (worth £26.25) you can redeem the LEGO Forma set 81000 which retails £42.99

For 1200 VIP points (worth £8.75) you can redeem for one of three Forma skins that each contain 33 pieces and have not been put on sale outside of the crowdfunding which initiated this project back in 2018. The skins are:

81001 - Shark Skin
81002 - Splash Koi Skin
81003 - Ink Koi Skin

Here are some images of the LEGO Forma 81000:
Firstly a GIF showing all the skins on the model.



To claim these sets you MUST be a LEGO VIP member and have enough VIP points but if you do not have any VIP points and still want this LEGO Forma set the 81000 is available for general purchase for £42.99 lego.com/en-…rma , but the skins packs are not available unless your a VIP member.

To claim the Forma sets via the VIP system you must make an order of any size and one reward per purchase so if you redeem your points for all 4 of the Forma sets you must make 4 orders to redeem them.

Once you redeem your points you have 60 days to make an order to collect the free set, if you do not redeem the set within 60 days your VIP points WON'T be place back into your account.

For a VIP member every £1 spent gives you 8 VIP points
Every 800 points is equal to £5
Your VIP points can be redeemed at LEGO VIP Rewards Centre.

Free delivery on orders over £50
£3.95 on orders under £50
£21 on all orders with express delivery
This VIP redemption offer is online only
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Fantastic deal
Still got my Kickstarter pack sealed, when I saw how much they were going for on eBay I couldn’t open it

I bought a couple of the set packs but it would be handy to own the Skins as to go with them but it’s going to be at least a month before the Star Wars Helmet sets come available and don’t know what else to get till then, plus I only have 4000 points
Thanks OP, I check the VIP section nearly every day in case I miss out on anything decent, and its usually dud desktop wallpapers that they put up.

I wouldn't have checked today, and looks like these are really limited!
Gone already!
Gutted sold out of the skins already have the forma and have been after some of the other skins for an age but eBay are silly money
Nice sets. I have them all from the kick starter.
£26 for the main fish and £8 for each skin is about what they are worth!
£43 for for the main fish is taking the mick!
Horrible sets - think I'll pass.
Got enough points for the main fish (although not + skins, even if they weren't sold out).
However not something that I particularly want so will pass I think. Thanks for posting though!
The Skin packs are now all out of stock, and i doubt they will restock. The 81000 Forma is still in stock but im sure stock is limited.
All 4 Forma sets are now out of stock and have been taken off the Rewards centre confirming that they will not be restocking
81000 Forma is back in stock and all 3 skins are re-listed but still sold out, i have unexpired it for now
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