LEGO Friends 3185: Summer Riding Camp - 44% off - £64.49 @ Amazon

LEGO Friends 3185: Summer Riding Camp - 44% off - £64.49 @ Amazon

Found 7th Aug 2013
Checked items after the 3186 deal and this is a great price! Christmas shopping started!


It's actually only 28% off, as Amazon's showing the wrong RRP again.

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Valid point, whinged at Customer services.

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If people are voting cold because this is cheaper elsewhere please say where so I can cancel my order!

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Decided to expire as appears on investigation I was deceived by RRP so cancelled order out of spite - same price at Toys R Us and Smyths!

The link goes to the stables, and the horse trailer is 17.27. I wondered if its expired? can anyone help?

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Stables are the same price as before, though as mentioned - similar price in other places (where you can get TCB or Quidco).
Trailer seems to have gone up in price, but it was the lower price instore in Sainsbury's - might be worth a look?…053
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