Lego friends advent calender £9.99 @ Sainsburys instore

Lego friends advent calender £9.99 @ Sainsburys instore

Found 3rd Dec 2012
was in sainsburys chafford hundred and saw the lego friends advent calender for 9.99. not sure if national or not.

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- dsided


Good price if nationwide.

It is I just picked it up in mine

Many thanks! Got mine in Sainsbury's Loughton, they had maybe 6 more there (in the Xmas aisle)

Toys'r'us were still trying to get £15 for the Friends ones today, they had a shelf full in Southampton, I assume that they'll have to drop them further at some stage.

Crushed; bought my two girls the ten pound Lego City ones at Argos, I'd have been all over to. Suppose I could get them and put them in the loft until next year. Hot.

I got these when they were on eBay's Super Sunday. Worth every penny @ £9.99. The kids have been playing with them even though we're only 3 days in!!


Alternative at … Alternative at argos

They had lego city too in mine

Will pop tomoz

Excellent price. My daughter loves hers. Makes a change from chocolate too
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