Lego Harry Potter 1-4 [PS3] - £20.89 Delivered (With Code) @ MyMemory

Lego Harry Potter 1-4 [PS3] - £20.89 Delivered (With Code) @ MyMemory

Found 8th Sep 2010Made hot 11th Sep 2010
Using the 5% promotional code "BACKFORGOOD" courtesy of Moofin, you are able to get it for this price.


The Lego series are good fun games. I presume this code works with everything?

Good price for this, it seems to be creeping down nicely think I will hold out a bit longer though, my kids love these lego games.

I love the lego games but not sure on this one. The demo seemed almost tiresome, bit like the films!....

I LOVE the lego games...the temptation to buy this is immense! However, it'll have gone down abit more by xmas so il wait until then

Thanks. (_;)

This is probably the best lego game so far......even better than starwars!

However... probably best bought on the wii... the wiimote+ casting spells is great fun..
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