Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 For Xbox 360 - £6.97 *Instore* @ Currys & PC World

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 For Xbox 360 - £6.97 *Instore* @ Currys & PC World

Found 23rd Feb 2011Made hot 23rd Feb 2011
Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 For Xbox 360 - £6.97 *Instore* @ Currys & PC World
Bargain if you can find a copy in your area



res @ watford store thanks

heat added, stock near me.

great price, thanks

Nice spot OP

None in my 3 closest stores

Got one reserved in Glasgow, great find!

Got one reserved too, thanks!

Got one reserved, Thanks OP

Outstanding work iavea.Been waiting for this deal for ages.Got one reserved in East Kilbride.

Good find.
Bought even though my Xbox is not feeling very well at the moment.
Shame they dont have any for the PS3.

none in north east

There's at least one Xbox version in the Alfreton store

Hot just reserved 1 in my local branch.

Hot.Pity it's not the PS3 version. I was looking into getting it. If it's this price on Xbox, I'm not paying more than £20 on PS3. I guess that means I'll have to wait until it reaches the £17.99 point

Thankyou, just reserved the last one at my local

thx, brill price!

Great price for a fun game.

Wow they actually have a copy available where I live, thanks OP great post.

For some reason they never have any of these deals down here in my part of Devon.

Permission to sulk?

Excellent find though.

Reserved at St Albans, thanks.

Reserved at High Wycombe Currys! Thanks! Great Spot!

Loads in Dorset. Thanks x

Fantastic price. Not so keen on the game, though. I'm a big fan of the lego games and of the Harry Potter books/films, but this game doesn't work as well as the previous games in the franchise (in my opinion) due to the new interface/stylings.
Can understand why they did it - the old style was getting a little tired. Just doesn't feel right though.

Irrespective, this is a fantastic price for the game - if they have stock near you go for it.
None anywhere near me. And if you don't like it or you finish it you can get your money back (plus a little profit) by trading it in or selling it on.


We sell for : £20.00We buy for : £10.00Give exchange : £13.00

Stock still showing in St Albans.

£18 tradin at argos

Heat but none in my closest stores

Thanks reserved at Leicester store.

Heat added

anyone know what game offer trade in on this??

nice one op!


anyone know what game offer trade in on this??

why don't you phone them and ask? (_;)

Reserved bargain thanks !


£18 tradin at argos

Hmmm 2 of these and a few squid makes a nice cheap copy of marvel v capcom 3.

nice find reserved at oxford thanks.

Reserved when post went live this mornIng...just collected last copy from my local store

Thanks OP - heat added

Nice one, got one reserved. Thanks. Heat left.

just reserved one for me and my girlfriend, hot deal!

Vote Hot,they had some in Devizes.Thanks

Got last one in Cambridge thanks!

Hope Amazon do the price match if reading this!!!! None in my area!

Picked up from Leeds town centre....

There was one more behind the desk....

Cheers OP... really enjoyed the Indianna Jones and Batman Legos...
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