Lego Indiana Jones (PS3) - £9.99 @ Comet

Lego Indiana Jones (PS3) - £9.99 @ Comet


great price for a really fun game!!!

Great price, and they actually have it in stock at my local store for a change!

Nice One OP...

Just reserved in Edinburgh... The Wee mans birthday soon, should keep him happy, whilst wearing his Indy hat...


Playing this game right now. Think its excellent and will keep you busy for ages.

Saying pick up not available at my local store - Lakeside :-(

Great price, heat added, but same here, not available at my three nearest stores

is the PS3 version bigger than the PSP version? as I finished that in under a week :whistling:

Great price, good find!:thumbsup:

awww no delivery to NI

reserved - many thanks op. Perfect for our nephews birthday

Awesome find! Ordered mine now from Huddersfield. Will let you know if they still have it tomorrow .

So they usually stick to their reserve and collect orders? Never done it before.

Heads up, this can be traded in at Game for £14

Got 2 copies, excellent deal


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