Lego Jurassic World PC (Steam) £1.89

Lego Jurassic World PC (Steam) £1.89

Found 11th Nov 2017
Apologies if this has already been posted, I did do a quick search but didn't see anything.

Just checking what's on CDKeys at the moment and spotted this. I have this for Xbox One and actually got a lot of hours play out of it. In my opinion it is totally worth it for less than the price of a coffee at most places.

Not for everyone, but someone might get some use from this!
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Awesome price for this game
Got one thanks, heat added.
So much Game for the price of a double cheese burger and small fries
I've been playing this on and off with my girlfriend co-op, it's great. There appears to be miltiple story modes, a Jurassic Park one and a Jurrasic World one.
jigger14 m ago


Glad someone's benefitted from it. It's a great coop game
Got this on Xbox one, it’s quality, probably my favourite of the Lego movie tie in games.
Thanks for this. Copy each for the kids 😊
Great price, but says out of stock when I try and buy it...
Oos now for 4 times as long as it was available, and yet still unexpired on HUKD.
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