Lego Lightning Dragon Battle 2521 £25 @ TK Maxx (RRP £61.99)

Lego Lightning Dragon Battle 2521 £25 @ TK Maxx (RRP £61.99)

Found 31st Dec 2013
There were quite a few other sets at my local TKMaxx (Kingston Park, Newcastle) with better than 50% off the RRP including;

2521 Lightning Dragon Battle £25, RRP £61.99…1-1

8078 Portal of Atlantis for £29, RRP £81.99…8-1

7597 Western Train Chase £29, RRP £81.99…7-1

There were a few other smaller sets but the discounts were not quite as good.
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Quite a few Lightning Dragons (10 maybe) and a couple of Western Train Chases left, but I got the last Portal of Atlantis. Thought it would be worth mentioning it though as I have been looking for it for a while and some others may find a box in their local.
I checked both Wrexham and Chester today and neither could remember the last time they stocked lego.
none in plymouth at all...I'd have had one of each set if they did!
There were 2 of the Lightning Dragon Battle sets left @ £25 in Chilwell Retail Park, Nottingham as at cloing time a short while ago. Be quick tomorrow!!
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