Lego Lunchbox 8 (red only) £3 instore @ Sainsburys

Lego Lunchbox 8 (red only) £3 instore @ Sainsburys

Found 24th Feb 2014
Instore at Sunderland Sainsburys, had about 10 in the clearance section, and red only.


I saw these in Livingston but were still £5 on the shelf. Notice the bottles were down to £3, but none left

You can't fit much into these, more of a container than a lunchbox

They sell these in home bargains too

Which Sunderland sainsburys? Wessington way or silksworth?

hot, they are £3.99 in home bargains if you can't get one in JS

Not the greatest lunch box even at this price , bought two for my Boy's lasted less than a month before both cracked.

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That would be Silksworth, sorry forgot about the newer Store.

These are £3.99 in tk maxx dartford too

Got mine in Nantwich! Thanks!!!

Again, of no use to 99% of the population.

Got 4 boxes and 2 bottles. All £3 each. In West Yorkshire. Thanks for the post
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