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LEGO Marvel Black Panther (76215) - £239.99 @ Lego

£239.99£299.9920% off
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Adult fans of the Marvel Avengers can immerse themselves in a creative model-making project with LEGO® Marvel Black Panther (76215). This collectible celebration of Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga will be a guaranteed conversation starter, wherever it is placed.

Advanced, buildable model of King T’Challa
This detailed recreation features the almost life-size head, chest and hands of Black Panther, posed in the iconic Wakanda Forever salute. Both hands feature articulated fingers and detach from the main model to increase display possibilities. A sturdy display base with an attached logo plate completes this lasting reminder of an epic legend. With 2,961 pieces, this challenging and rewarding model is sure to provide great pleasure and satisfaction long after the construction has been completed.
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    £180-£200 is probably where this set should be priced.
  2. Avatar
    looks like a snide Chinese MOC and that price
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  4. Avatar
    This set is huge - something to take into consideration if you're buying online, unseen.
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    I think that is the problem. It is not a nice looking set to display and it takes a lot of room. Think this appeals to a niche buyer.
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    Overpriced garbage set worth about £150 - rest is Di$ney tax
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    Am I the only one who thinks it's a awful looking kit?
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    At this price this is a bargain, i am not sure it was over priced to begin with when you consider it’s size and number of pieces - it seems on a par price wise with other sets.
    Trouble is, the on paper numbers simply aren't good enough on their own when real busts are not only a lot nicer and far more accurate, but also a lot less costly. Yeah they're not Lego and they're smaller but at least it doesn't over-dominate where they're displayed; the designer of this set was basically forced to make this massive and include the gauntlets because of the unnecessarily huge budget this was given (something that has hurt a lot of other sets this year, being overbudgeted).

    There's just so many other much nicer Lego sets out there at this price; even if a buyer's mileage and taste will vary, those are a lot more appealing. It's why this has been discounted already.
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    Will consider it once they do scrappy doo. Can't have 1 without the other.
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    Lego missed a trick with this one...a smaller scale one and a lower price would have been better suited....I would like to have this build but at the current size it's just too big!!! (edited)
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    Don’t like the look of this set 
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    I might buy this as a fox repellent. The glowing owls ain't working
  13. Avatar
    Is ugly
  14. Avatar
    I don't think it's that bad tbh, if you got the space and you want it I'm sure it'll sit nice in your collection. My issue is paying that amount for literally black bricks, doesn't seem worth it in that regard.
  15. Avatar
    That is one ugly pile of plastic. I'd rather stack the money up on the shelf instead.
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    When this drops to below £200 I'll bite
  17. Avatar
    This should be sub-zero cold.
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