Lego Millenium Falcon just £2195.96  + £5.95 shipping @  Amazon sold by FireStar Toys.

Lego Millenium Falcon just £2195.96 + £5.95 shipping @ Amazon sold by FireStar Toys.

£2,201.91Amazon Deals
Found 27th Nov 2011
Elsewhere you can expect to pay £100.00 more.

These are now discontinued so grab one while you can.

They are going fast.

NOT suitable for kids as there are over 5 thousand pieces. (a bit heavy).

Technical Details

Brand new & sealed, Mint Condition in Lego Shipper Box, will also be packed in Double sided Outer shipping box for safe Transport Sent by 24/48 Hr Courier Gifttogadget

This is the ULTIMATE holiday gift for a Star Wars Lego fan. It has been discontinued and is very hard to find anywhere.

5195 pieces and 5 minifigures--the biggest Star Wars Lego set ever made!
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so almost 50p for one peice of leggo? LOL
Now that's expensive
Or you can buy the re-released set for £100.

Mmmmmmm.........this is cold. lol
WTF I could buy a second hand car for that money, or go on holiday! oO
Over £1200 for the used so hot from me.
Was there actually any point in posting this 'Deal'?
Firestar Toys always sell Lego stuff that is way way overpriced. It must work for them as some people out there who will buy it.

Or you can buy the re-released set for £100.Mmmmmmm.........this is cold. … Or you can buy the re-released set for £100.Mmmmmmm.........this is cold. lol

This set has not been re-released. Whatever set you're referring to will be a fraction of the size of this. That said, a BNIB set of this is about £1500 on eBay. About £800 for a good, opened one. I know it sounds like an absurd amount of money for a "toy" but they're very collectable and as a minimum will hold their value. This set was £342.99 when it was released. Wish I'd bought 10 then!
Syzable: I think the "re-release" that you refer to is the set "7965" which has approximately 1200 pieces and is approximately 1/6 of the size (volume). If you really want this set i'd suggestt downloading the instructions through Lego's website and ordering the pieces piece-meal via bricklink. You should be able to knock up this set for about £250, although you won't have the box. I'm in the middle of doing this right now, but it'll cost a lot less as I have almost half the parts in spares. I bought the 7965 set purely to use parts common to both sets and to have a set of relevant figures for it. Stone cold offer - seen an unopened boxed of the set for about £800 on bricklink.
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WHY is this expired?

Still available
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