LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Robot - £183.78 @ Amazon

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Robot - £183.78 @ Amazon

Found 29th Mar 2011
32-bit ARM7 microcontroller
256 kilobytes FLASH, 64 kilobytes RAM
8-bit AVR microcontroller
4 kilobytes FLASH, 512 bytes RAM
Bluetooth wireless communication (Bluetooth Class II V2.0 compliant)
USB full speed port (12 megabits per second)
4 input ports
6-wire cable digital platform (one part includes an IEC 61158 type 4/EN 50 170 compliant expansion port for future use)
3 output ports
6-wire cable digital platform
100 x 64 pixel LCD graphical display
Loudspeaker (8 kHz sound quality)
Sound channel with 8-bit resolution and 2-16 kilohertz sample rate
Power source: 6 x AA batteries


OK price - will probably end up cold from people who do not actually know what it is.

Have some heat from me

Price is up to 199.95

It's £183.78 at Argos X)

I missed out on an opportunity to get the older one at £99 from argos ebay a couple of years ago and regretted it. Now £183 is the cheapest - shame. They're good but I don't think I can justify this kind of money.

Tempted, but it was released in 2009, and I'm wondering when v3 will be out. Secondly, it was £10 less a few months ago on Amazon, so I wonder if it will drop again.


Price is up to 199.95

Price is back down again.

Still down...
Why did this get cold? Did anyone find it cheaper?
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