Lego Minecraft The First Night in stock 21115 @ Lego £43.94 Delivered
Lego Minecraft The First Night in stock 21115 @ Lego £43.94 Delivered

Lego Minecraft The First Night in stock 21115 @ Lego £43.94 Delivered

Buy forBuy forBuy for£43.94
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Sold out everywhere and selling for around £60 on eBay
If you spend another £10.01 you can get free delivery and a free set


Don't forget TCB or Quidco!

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Set is £39.99 p&p is £3.95

What do you mean "a free set" ?

Don't think you get the free set anymore. Nice deal for those that like the Minecraft sets as they are incredibly popular this year

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Free exclusive flower cart and mini figure set (shop.lego.com/en-…ift?icmp=SHRWDHomeMain1_EU_FlowerCartGWP)

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It's not the xmas free set it's a new one a flower cart with a mini figure tried to add pic but not sure how to do in a thread

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might opt for this since there's little chance of getting the crafting set at a normal price


Free flower set seems to have disappeared from the site unfortunately.

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thankyou have been searching everywhere for minecraft lego and everywhere is sold out, have just ordered this set very you very much<3

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Oh Maybe no free set at moment then I was on ipad when I saw so maybe
A lego website glitch

You may want to include the set number (21115) on the title op.

May alert some people with the app.

I ordered The Cave 21113 and the Farm 21114 from the Lego Shop online after being unable to find them anywhere else.
The Cave was in stock and The Farm said expected shipping date 23rd Dec. I decided I would rather order it from Lego and hope it came early than take my chances elsewwhere.
After receiving my confirmation email I was then sent an email saying both The Cave and The Farm were on back order and would be delivered from 25th to 28th December :O
I decided to keep the order active and search elsewhere. In the meantime - and I mean a few days at most, I received an email saying that both items had been dispatched!!!!!

I have both these Minecraft sets in hand, wrapped and stashed in the loft!!!

If you are looking for them and are hopeful for Christmas delivery AND you don't want to pay over the odds then it might be worthwhile trying the Lego Shop as they shipped mine after telling me they were out of stock.

If the worst comes to the worst and the sets don't arrive or you get them elsewhere you can cancel the order

HTH someone!

That does help, I ordered the farm set and got an order number but status says in warehouse,. Not been told its out of stock but when I check web page it does say out of stock now, so hoping my order comes as was available when order placed,
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Had confirmation that its been shipped. I check the site daily as even though it says out of stock and shipping January some of these sets become available to buy now if you keep checking.

ohh brilliant i can get an extra 10% off at lego store woop woop

This will not happen people. I ordered 4 Minecraft sets from the Lego site and what they fail to tell you is they they have no Minecraft sets at all. Trust me, I have been on the phone and email to them for the past 3 days. The order goes through but then when you check your tracking it stays on "order being processed". Mine was being processed since the 5th, so I phoned up to query it and they said that they were sorry but there was a problem with stock and their website. The annoying thing was when I ordered they had them in stock at Argos, but stupidly I opted for Lego because they were giving a free toy with orders over £50. Now They are out of stock and so are Argos so my kids won't be getting the presents they wanted. I'll just have give them a lump of coal and say it was from Lego

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Hi I ordered the farm set as I said on earlier post on 11th & it has been delivered on Sunday 14th, so keep an eye its better than paying through the nose on eBay.
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