Lego Pirates Xbox/PS3 £35 trade in + £5 Points @ Game (19/05 - 25/05)
Lego Pirates Xbox/PS3 £35 trade in + £5 Points @ Game (19/05 - 25/05)

Lego Pirates Xbox/PS3 £35 trade in + £5 Points @ Game (19/05 - 25/05)

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New trade in deal of the week starting tomorrow 19th May.

Lego Pirates trades in for £35 store credit and get £5 worth of points (2000) usable the day after.

Awesome deal considering most people have bought this for £35.

Continues on their promotion campaign "It pays to play"


dont agree with games pre owned Market! It's disgusting especially when they have pre order pre owned games.,

Great heads up op but can you provide any proof?


Pretty good deal considering the supermarkets are selling the game for £29.95.

Very nice find
Although as Twelve asks, I'd like to see some proof too before wasting time going there for possibly
nothing aha

Then get gamestation\hmv to price match for a + £1

Original Poster Banned

This is now being advertised in my local GAME on a hanging poster. I think it might just be for XBOX however.

The GAME site now indicates this offer is now live. Have to hurry up and finish it.


The GAME site now indicates this offer is now live. Have to hurry up and … The GAME site now indicates this offer is now live. Have to hurry up and finish it.

Where? I can't see anything about trading in for £35 credit

It stuck up all round stores

To anyone still planning on doing this, it's only £35 trade in IF you are buying L.A Noire at the same time... However, my local Game gave me £30 trade in with no purchase, and still gave the reward points, so not too bad

Nope your wrong SamRawr

Its £35 trade credit and then £5 points 48 hours later

Its not tied to any title.

The branches had flyers all over the store saying this and a big poster above till.

It scanned at £30 but they adjusted it at the POS

I done this on Saturday. I can scan receipt if needed.

Well my branch were adamant it was only £35 if trading towards a selected title, otherwise it was £30 and my points were given straight away, maybe it's different in your area, but mine had posters stating this too. And as it's not stated clearly online, differences nationwide would not surprise me. Not criticizing, just stating my experience and what others may also experience.

If they had posters up, the posters stated it was £35 for the game. As did the flyers.

Other games were in the trade in and pay xx for a game.

They tried to say to me it was only £30 trade (as the computer said this) or £35 off another title till I pointed at the posters up and the flyer, I may have a copy of this still to post. And she was oh, I had not read that as they had no body else trade them in.

The points are added straight away, but do not always hit your card for upto 48 hours which is always the case.

Online is not clear on this what so ever.

I am in the north east, all newcastle and gateshead branches had the promo on.

Hmm how odd. I'm in south east, and their posters definitely showed £35 trade in for Lego Pirates ONLY if L.A. Noire is purchased at the same time. There was no sign of the posters you mentioned... Perhaps your area is very lucky, or mine unlucky... For a fiver though I'm not quibbling, I'm just warning anyone else who lives near me who is planning to do this that they will be told it's £30. I didn't want an argument or accusation of me being wrong. Like I said, if online is unclear it would seem that nationwide they will play their cards differently.

Although if you do have proof of the posters/flyers it would be of use for me. Next time I go in I'll try showing them it and quibbling about it aha

I dropped into mine local today and they had last weeks posters up. Typical, I'll miss out of this now.

Popped in on the off chance and it was £35 plus 2000 pts at my local. Very happy bunny!

Yep! Please accept my apologies googleboogle, after hearing all this, I've literally just been into Game to quibble the amount they gave me and both the guys on till admitted it was a mistake and gave me the extra £5! Very chuffed, thank you

Glad you got it sorted.. thought it was strange one branch not doing it but others are.
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