Lego Power Functions - £20.89 @ Amazon

Lego Power Functions - £20.89 @ Amazon

Found 2nd FebMade hot 2nd Feb
Product Description
Make your LEGO Technic models come to life with this exciting Power Functions motor set. This supplementary power set comes with motor, battery box, light cable and pole switch. Power up your LEGO Technic creations.

Normally costs much more (was £27.99 for the last few days). Amazon are price matching Tesco, but this comes with free delivery.


has been cheaper but good deal today - heat!

Heat. A lot less phallic than my old one

Lego charges £34.99 for this set.
You can buy the components for just £21.99 direct from Lego and a quid for the cogs, etc from bricklink…3-1


Heat. A lot less phallic than my old one

I found my old one the other day. It looked great in my mind as a kid. Now, not so much

good for powering the Creator Ferris Wheel.
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