LEGO Power Miners 8957 Mine Mech £4.87 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

LEGO Power Miners 8957 Mine Mech £4.87 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

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Power Miners Vs Rock Monsters

Mysterious underground rumblings are shaking the LEGO® world. Mischievous little rock monsters are digging beneath the planet's surface! A famous LEGO geologist named Brains studies the monsters and discovers there are five different coloured monsters, each with different characteristics, and all have a huge appetite for the crystals that can be found in the centre of the planet.

Power MinersWith their stony exteriors and the glowing, crystal-like markings running through their bodies, Brains believes that they may actually be made out of living rock itself. He recruits a team of power miners and engineers to tunnel deep into the Earth to save the world.

Driving incredible mining vehicles invented by Brains, the power miners will embark on a new adventure, deep into the underground world that has never before been explored to fight the rock monsters. The miners must collect the crystals using their fully equipped vehicles, before the rock monsters get their hands on them and grow in power!

Power Miners
Who knows what their mysterious adventures may lead to?

All sets include dynamite, crystal, power miner minifigure and rock monster. Age range 6 years+

With its spinning saw blade and claw arm that can crush rock monsters, the Mine Mech can squeeze through the smaller cracks in the rocks and open up a path for the larger machines. Includes one green rock monster and minifigure.
Boulderax Strong, slow, and dumb as a bag of rocks, Boulderax will fight a Thunder Driller just for the fun of it. Sometimes he gets so busy smashing the Power Miners' equipment that he forgets to take the crystals he came for!

Box Contains

* 1 x Mining vehicle with spinning saw blade and claw arm
* 1 x Miner minifigure
* 1 x green rock monster called Boulderax


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