LEGO Rock Band (Nintendo Wii/DS, Xbox 360 & PS3) £15.99 delivered each @ GAME

LEGO Rock Band (Nintendo Wii/DS, Xbox 360 & PS3) £15.99 delivered each @ GAME

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LEGO® Rock Band® merges two of the most popular videogame franchises to deliver a unique family-friendly music experience that will take tweens, teens, families and gamers of all ages on a wild journey to rock stardom in order to Build a Band and Rock the Universe. Combining the authentic multiplayer music experience of Rock Band® with the accessibility, customization and humour of LEGO® games, LEGO® Rock Band® allows players to create their own unique rock star style and customise their own avatars, band members, roadies, and managers. As players successfully complete songs and rock challenges, they can collect LEGO® studs, unlock additional content and collect amazing vehicles, which can take their band from local gigs at rock clubs to epic stadium shows and even fantasy settings on Earth and beyond.


Rock along to current hits and classic favourites that the whole family will enjoy including David Bowie's Let's Dance, Foo Fighters Breakout, Jackson 5s I Want You Back, Vampire Weekends A-Punk, Blurs Song 2, Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting, Europes The Final Countdown, Good Charlottes Boys and Girls and Pinks So What, Bon Jovis You Give Love A Bad Name, Counting Crows Accidentally in Love, Sum 41s In Too Deep, Blink 182s Aliens Exist, and The Hives Tick Tick Boom! just to name a few!

Use the LEGO® character customiser to create and personalize your band, instrument controllers and entourage.
Pull off killer riffs in LEGO® themed Rock Power Challenges to perform amazing feats such as defeating a giant octopus, summoning a storm or demolishing a skyscraper.
Build fame LEGO® style by completing songs to collect LEGO® studs unlock cool vehicles, progress to new venues and unlock new characters and instruments.
Express yourself with a personalized LEGO® Rock Den that can be accessorized and decorated to perfectly suit your rock style.
All-access gaming! Start off on Easy, and work your way up to Expert or try out the newly introduced Super Easy setting created especially for budding rock stars!
Rock out using Rock Band instrument controllers, as well as most Guitar Hero® and other AUTHORIZED third-party music video game peripherals and microphones.


Cheers, just ordered

Heat + Rep

Great game if you've got younger kids - it has an easy level on all instruments which means you just need to hit it in time and not worry about the right notes. My kids didn't like guitar hero on their cousin's Playstation but love this. My 7 year old sings "We Will Rock You" constantly.

Also quite handy for parents who can't sing even if their life depends on it. Apparently...

Almost worth £16 just to play the Final Countdown.

Do do do doooo!

Best of the Rock Band series for those not into Heavy Metal music in my opinion. Some great tracks on this version

Here's the complete list. Songs with an asterisk are tunes that will also appear on the DS:

All American Rejects, Swing, Swing*
The Automatic, Monster*
Blink-182, Aliens Exist
Blur, Song 2*
Bon Jovi, You Give Love a Bad Name
Boys Like Girls, Thunder
Bryan Adams, Summer of 69
Carl Douglas, Kung Fu Fighting*
The Coral, Dreaming of You
Counting Crows, Accidentally in Love*
David Bowie, Let's Dance*
Elton John, Crocodile Rock
Europe, The Final Countdown*
Everlife, Real Wild Child
Foo Fighters, Breakout
Good Charlotte, Girls & Boys*
The Hives, Tick Tick Boom!
Iggy Pop, The Passenger*
Incubus, Dig
Jackson 5, I Want You Back*
Jimi Hendrix, Fire
Kaiser Chiefs, Ruby*
Katrina & The Waves, Walking on Sunshine*
The Kooks, Naïve
KoRn, Word Up!
KT Tunstall, Suddenly I See*
Lostprophets, Rooftops
P!NK, So What*
The Police, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
The Primitives, Crash*
Queen, We Are The Champions*
Queen, We Will Rock You*
Rascal Flatts, Life is a Highway*
Ray Parker Jr., Ghostbusters*
Razorlight, Stumble and Fall
Spin Doctors, Two Princes*
Spinal Tap, Short & Sweet
Steve Harly, Make Me Smile
Sum 41, In Too Deep*
Supergrass, Grace*
Tom Petty, Free Fallin*
T-Rex, Ride a White Swan
Vampire Weekend, A-Punk*
We the Kings, Check Yes Juliet*
The Zutons, Valerie

Great find. This is bound to get pretty hot

Can I just confirm the only thing Lego about this is the graphics in the back ground? ie. they haven't changed any of the voices in the songs (i.e. Chipmonks stylie)

Just ordered THANKS


Can I just confirm the only thing Lego about this is the graphics in the … Can I just confirm the only thing Lego about this is the graphics in the back ground? ie. they haven't changed any of the voices in the songs (i.e. Chipmonks stylie)

Correct, only thing different is visually everything is Lego.
Great game, and fantastic price.

Can export the songs to Rock band 2 also when you've finished the game (career mode is good fun and very long)

This in-store too, does anyone know?

My friend wouldn't like me saying this but he says this is the best of the Rock Band/Guitar Hero series. Great price for a good selection of tunes.


This in-store too, does anyone know?

doubt it

might have to get this after i get my new coat, if i have anyfunds!

Fantastic deal for a fantastic game, excellent choice of songs

Now available at Amazon for the same price:
ds version £14.95 here but great price on other formats! Love the ds version, quite tempted to get the wii one now...............!


Damn.. just ordered from The Hut

I have fancied this for ages... does the "guitar hero" stuff work with this game, for the WII?

heat & rep - awesome - been waiting for this to hit £15 just to play ghostbusters!!

Great game, and don't forget that there are a handful of free downloadable tunes as well, that get incorporated into the setlist. Other tunes tend to be 160 MS points, but there are some packs that offer the tunes at reduced rates.

Great price!

Thank you!!
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