LEGO Sale Deals - Further Reductions
LEGO Sale Deals - Further Reductions

LEGO Sale Deals - Further Reductions

Lego have had some sets on sale through-out January.

The sale prices have been reduced further. Lot sold out but still some good sets to be had at half price. LEGO Batman & LEGO Indiana Jones on PS3 (Indiana on Xbox & Wii also) also in sale at £14.49. Is postage but if buy a few items worth it.

First post. Hope I got it right!


Mrs. Puff's Boating School and the chum bucket from spongebob are half price.

voted hot just got the spongebob lego fab prices

The Ultimate Collectors star Wars AT-ST is half price.... it's a great set

Great first post mckayc, welcome to HUKD!:thumbsup:

I'm weeping!
They've sold out of the one I wanted.


Wish Id known earlier! Grivious for £39 - bargain. Sold out As have most the star wars sets!

Shame there's no Indiana Jones sets in the sale.

Shame a lot of it's sold out, but still a useful find for the odd bit.

Has some dope expired this? There is still a lot of stuff in stock................

Why has this been expired? There are lots of items left.

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Went to Lego shop in Bluewater today & these deals are in store also (no spongebob left, but did have Star Wars General Grievous at £31 odd (4 or 5 boxes on shelf)....and some other sets not in on-line sale. Agents Mission 8 was half price (£25 from £50)).
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