Lego Santa's Visit 40125 instore at Asda Pudsey £6

Lego Santa's Visit 40125 instore at Asda Pudsey £6

Found 4th Nov 2016Made hot 4th Nov 2016
Saw the set Santa's Visit reduced from £7.97 to £6 in a Lego branded floor standing display, only a few sets left in the Pudsey ASDA


never seen this in my local, id pay full price just for Christmas theme

I'll have a look as I'm passing today

If anyone sees it in East London or SE Essex please post. I'm after two after John Lewis stopped caring that I received my order from them.

Found some in the first store I tried. 8 still on display at Beckton.

Called in at Pudsey after your post but unfortunately shelves stripped - thanks for the post in any event.

Didn't find any in Trafford this morning

Found some at Walsall, Birmingham. Only 8 though

All gone in Milton Keynes

Noticed these in Toys R Us the other day, between £6 and £8, can't remember exactly. Far cheaper than Amazon price.

In both Halesowen and Worcester

Saintsbury's £7, debenhams 10% off reg price (£7)...

john lewis reading.
just buying. there are 4 more at least. was 4.99.
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