Posted 22 March 2023

LEGO Star Wars 75312 Boba Fett's Starship / Marvel 76247 Hulkbuster - £27 (Clubcard Price) @ Tesco

£27£4540% off
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About this deal

Nice prices here for Clubcard members from tomorrow, all three sets down to £27 from £45 when they use their clubcard. Thats 40% off these sets.

The three sets include the popular Boba Fett's Starship set at a price which is almost its lowest ever, then the lowest prices yet for the Marvel and Friends sets which both only released this year.

Prices are online and instore, stocks will vary store to store. Stores with The Entertainer concessions won't have these sets on the same prices sadly.

Product Description (copied directly from Tesco)

  • Lego Star Wars Boba Fett Starship 75312

  • Features a LEGO brick buildable model of Boba Fett’s Starship, with a handle for easy flying, rotating wings and 2 stud shooters
  • Also features an opening LEGO minifigure cockpit, 2 rotating dual blaster cannons (non-shooting) and a compartment for a Carbonite brick
  • Includes a transporter vehicle to move the starship on the ground in play scenarios of solo or group activities, plus a Carbonite brick
  • The vehicle also makes a great display stand for builders to show off their toy starship in an upright flight position
  • Includes 2 LEGO minifigures: Boba Fett with a blaster and The Mandalorian with his blaster rifle and a beskar spearStar Wars: The Mandalorian fans can play out bounty-hunting missions and battles with this brilliant LEGO brick buildable model version of Boba Fett’s Starship (75312), a building toy for kids age 9+. It features a handle for easy flying, an opening LEGO minifigure cockpit for LEGO Star Wars minifigures, rotating wings, 2 stud shooters and 2 rotating dual blaster cannons (non-shooting). This premium-quality set also includes Boba Fett and The Mandalorian LEGO minifigures with weapons, plus a Carbonite brick that fits in a compartment of the starship.
  • There is also a transporter vehicle to move the starship and use as a stand so kids can display this awesome Mandalorian building toy in a vertical flying position. The set comes with clear instructions so even LEGO newcomers can build confidently.
  • The LEGO Group has been creating brick-built versions of Star Wars starfighters, vehicles, locations and characters since 1999. The LEGO Star Wars theme has become hugely successful with construction sets that make super gifts for fans of all ages.
  • The starship measures over 3.5 in. (8 cm) high, 8 in. (20 cm) long and 8 in. (20 cm) wide.
  • Contains 593 pieces.

  • 7,6 x 26,2 x 28,2

Tesco More details at Tesco

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  1. Uranus's avatar
    Has it become politically incorrect to call his ship Slave One anymore?
    branson's avatar
    No we call it Slave I, the idiots can call it what they want.
  2. AndrewCockill's avatar
    Tomorrow as in Wednesday or thursday?
    minifig290's avatar
    Thursday, LEGO Clubcard deals always go live Thursday, able to order from Wednesday though
  3. dreadbricks's avatar
    I would recommend going to the store in person. Delivery or click and collect won't be a good idea on the Star Wars one.

    To follow up, the staff will only pick it if it's on the shelf the morning of your delivery or pick up so ordering in advance is useless with Tesco. They don't reserve it or go in the back for them you just get it if it's on the shop floor. If condition bothers you well.... (edited)
    Jimboh99's avatar
    What about if I click and collect for today? More likely?
  4. minifig290's avatar
    These sets are larger than what most Tescos carry, only larger superstores and extras will stock these.

    If you are ordering from a smaller store or your items come from a smaller store for delivery they most likely wont have these.
    blue-note's avatar
    The superstores that will most probably have them are the ones with the clothing section so you can filter by F&F department
  5. James_Laraway's avatar
    Both showing as out of stock for me
    minifig290's avatar
    Most likely due to the shop your ordering from not stocking the set, if you have one nearby try collection from a larger superstore or Extra, though probably better off buying instore from tomorrow.

    If your store has a The Entertainer inside of it, could also be a reason for it not being in stock as Tescos with them in don't stock Tesco's stock of toys just The Entertainer stock which are priced by them and not Tesco.
  6. minifig290's avatar
    Hulkbuster priced matched by Amazon for anyone wanting that one
  7. Rob_Dutton's avatar
    Solihull store has a couple of Hulkbusters and Slave 1 on shelf
  8. Sukky's avatar
    I went into my local Tesco Extra and grabbed 2x Slave 1's and 1x Hulkbuster thanks @minifig290 plenty left on the shelf

    Also i noticed set 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck was reduced from £40 to £24, great discount for anyone after the set
  9. DigitalKnight's avatar
    Omg awesome 👏
  10. legodealsmad's avatar
    Amazon price match please on space ship
    iTzDoMiNaToR's avatar
    What is space ship? Lol!
  11. Trun0's avatar
    Great price, arguably the best price we're likely to see for this while in decent circulation going forward.
  12. Incywincy's avatar
    It let me order Boba Fett for delivery tomorrow (edited)
    legodealsmad's avatar
    but will hey actually deliver it... i am not a fan of Tesco online ordering prefer to pick up in store.
  13. Jimboh99's avatar
    Nice one, just let me click+collect 🏻
  14. Hayman's avatar
    Nice. Ordered:)
    Hayman's avatar
    BTW, don’t forget the 7% TCB for Tesco toys and games offer
  15. adrianharding's avatar
    Our local extra store doesn’t have own toy section anymore - it’s supplied by The Entertainer so no Clubcard offers anymore
    Rob_Dutton's avatar
    That sucks - same for our local extra as well
  16. minifig290's avatar
    Amazon price matching the Starship for anyone interested
  17. d666g's avatar
    Picked up a hulkbuster, technic Bugatti and a friends slate park each for £27 yesterday! Very good prices
    ZedAyBee's avatar
    Yep just done the same. Thanks to OP!
  18. new_lizard's avatar
    Slave 1

    Also out of stock

    My god, just got it for £27 on Amazon (edited)
  19. Adam_Shaun's avatar
    Oos before it's even went on?
    EMM386's avatar
    If you try choosing different collect dates and times. and stores

    They must be getting deliveries.

    Tried my closest store with no joy.
    Tried the bigger extra store nearish with no jopy.
    Tried same extra store Friday after 12pm.
    Yay I can collect it then...... assuming it stays in stock.
  20. Daredevil79's avatar
    Anyone successfully ordered yet? OOS for me
  21. adrians8's avatar
    Is there a limit per customer?
    Jimboh99's avatar
    states 3 on my tesco app
  22. OwenAchillesOakley's avatar
    Just ordered for click and collect tomorrow at western avenue Cardiff
  23. LoR1977's avatar
    If doing a grocery shop, potential 7% via TCB too
  24. ethicsgradient's avatar
    Minecraft Sword Outpost at £24 down from £40 is also an absolute steal

  25. Uranus's avatar
    Remarkably, I cannot see a Lepin / alternative bricks version of Slave 1 anywhere.
  26. Fantus22's avatar
    Picked up hulk buster and slave 1. No car though which was a shame. Do we think Amazon will price match that?
  27. bassmanbish's avatar
    The Hull St Stephens Tesco had lots of Hulkbusters when I was there yesterday at about 7pm (sorry - forgot to post at the time). (edited)
  28. ses6jwg's avatar
    Loads in Newport Cardiff Road
  29. minifig290's avatar
    Item no longer online but price is still instore where in stock
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