Lego Star Wars 7956 Ewok Attack - £12 in store at Tesco

Lego Star Wars 7956 Ewok Attack - £12 in store at Tesco

Found 25th Aug 2012
Saw this in store at Tesco Elmers End,
Lego Star Wars 7956 - Ewok Attack.

RRP of £25.99, cheapest I could see was Amazon at £18.
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I saw this yesterday in Newton Abbot store too.
Got one for my son today. Good price
Really appreciate this post. I have been checking everytime I go in waiting for this to be reduced. Would have missed this if you had not let me know.
Will nip into my local tomorrow and add to my collection of 1. :]
super price - had a few in alfreton
loads in peterborough extra
Watch out this may go even cheaper. £6.00 last year!…797
Got one earlier thanks!
Is it worth the chance waiting for £6? My extra had 18 boxes, now 5.
This is likely them clearing this set out for good as they have just started putting out the new ones. I'd buy now if you want it!
Just picked this up from Newton Abbot (Kingsteignton store) there were 7 left on the shelf when I left.
I’m half tempted by this, but I just can’t bring myself to get it despite being a big lego starwars fan. The item just seems to be a slightly bigger battle pack to me, the figures aren’t great and there doesn’t seem to be much to the little ewok fort thing. Also, already have a speederbike from another set

I’d definitely go for the sith nightspeeder if I saw that at the same price though
£12.45 on amazon for those without it in tesco

£12.45 on amazon for those without it in tesco…303
in my local…054


6867 - Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape for £16 (give or take a few pence)
9494 - Anakin's Jedi Interceptor for £25
9496 - Desert Skiff for £19
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If you wait till Thursday morning between 8-9 all the clearance stuff will be reduced to 75% off! Bit of inside info for yas
Thanks Chiffy, info was spot on, in fact i`ve only registered to say thanks, just picked up a set for £6.00 at Tesco Extra Chelmsford, theres 2 left on the shelf if any good to anyone else.
No probs matey so pleased someone took advantage
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