Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 75023 £16.65 at Sainsbury's

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 75023 £16.65 at Sainsbury's

LocalFound 20th Nov 2013
Lego Star Wars advent calendars were down to £16.65 in Sainsbury's Hampton this evening. Must be in store only as still £24.99 on the website. The City one was even cheaper but can't remember exactly.
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13.33 or something like that. lets hope amazon follow.
All the ones at my local sold out a few weeks ago, but great bargain for those who still have them in stock locally.
My son is desperate for one of these. Hoping theycome up cheap at some point
Were on special at Argos
Same price in hove store too
Sainsbury's Tile Hill (Coventry) had loads of Star Wars, City and Friends. I picked up a Friends one for around £13 (sorry, can't check receipt for exact price as I'm not at home)
Any proof ?
The friends one was roughly £13 as well as the city one in Hazel Grove this evening. They had loads of stock of all 3 of them out on display.
Got one of those in Sainsburys plus one of lego city which was £13
Thankyou! Loads left in the Hereford store for anyone close who is looking for one.
City and Friends are generally 3-5 cheaper than the Star Ward one every year
Same price in Crawley west green store.
Lots at Kidderminster store yesterday
got it. thanks
just purchased both star wars and city lego calandars. They has about 10 of all 3 types left
Plenty in Sainsbury's Milton Keynes...tempted to get one myself!
Thanks. Upton Wirral had 3x Star Wars 0x Friends and 1x City (which I bought)
About 30 in kings Lynn store 25 mins ago!
£16.65 online now too, just ordered.
still available in Reading Calcot, i wasn't allowed one as i'm too old according to my other half
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