Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler 75059 Smyths Toys £150 - READ POST

Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler 75059 Smyths Toys £150 - READ POST

Found 8th Feb 2016
Probably not a deal as such, Smthys sold off the Sandcrawlers last week for £150, the chap in-store told me they won't show up on the website anymore as it has been removed from their catalogue but they might still be kicking around in a store or two so def worth a check if you happen to be in a Smyths. Gutted I missed this.

BTW the link with the price on works

Vote cold if you will, if one person finds one at this price it is a success!
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Wish I could find one at that price lol good find op
great deal and price,but have already trawled every available local Smyths store for this,same answer everywhere noooooooo chance.
good spot! none in Stoke Smyths good luck if you find one!
Last week?

A Star Wars Original Trilogy Lego deal?

A week!?

You've usually got 10 minutes, at best ;D
Tried in Aberdeen but nothing sadly
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I was out and about today so tried stockton durham Gateshead Wallsend Edinburgh Falkirk glasgow Paisley and Kilmarnock. no joy
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Durham had a bat tumbler too which surprised me
Would have voted hot but READ POST made me vote cold.
Save your petrol if you're in the midlands or the south-east - when I first saw the price as that online I tried them all, to no avail.
Nice find. I just got mine from the lego website for £250

Durham had a bat tumbler too which surprised me

​the Bat Tumblers have been reappearing in a few stores now and again, you can check online
couple of Irish stores and a few in Cardiff about a fortnight ago but click and collect in those stores only
any sightings in northwest
Good price if can find X)
Nothing in North London
Would love to get hold of a Tumbler, i dilly dallied too much and now they are gone If anyone finds one and fancies doing me a favour I'll cover postage and enough for a few pints too
What is that?
Tumbler available in Ireland Smyths

Thanks for that

Tumbler available in Ireland Smyths

!99 euros
approx £155.00
not too bad
But they dont appear to deliver to the UK

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Lego deals on shpock site including Star Wars Lego etc etc
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Tumbler seems to be coming back to a few mainland UK stores, currently available in stores below. I wonder where they are getting them from as Lego retired it at Xmas.

Linwood Paisley
Smyths must be getting rid of Legos leftover stock for them pity lego might have dropped the price,as will Smyths when they have none left.
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It looks like they are winding down some of the big sets maybe to stock the new ones. I bought the crawler from lego in the end still got £8 TCB and £10 worth of vip points so for me so not quite so bad.
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