Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga [PS3] £10.97@Amazon

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga [PS3] £[email protected]

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Really fun game for an amazing price! I have this on the PSP and love it. I expect the PS3 version is just as fun. Its being sold by Amazon Jersey which is basically the same as Amazon selling it themselves. Next best price is £14.99 at Play.

Its the game that never shouldve worked. Normal licensed games are usually bad enough but the game of the toy of the film? Clearly the Force was with developer Travellers Tales though because Lego Star Wars I and II were huge critical and commercial hits that showed that not only could licensed games be good but that titles aimed at kids and the family could be just as innovative and entertaining as any other. Clearly not wishing for any of the new consoles to miss out on the fun this is a compendium of both games with a bunch of new extras thrown in on top.

Together the two games cover both the prequel and original trilogy, with each film given six separate levels of its own, one of which is vehicle based. The rest of the levels though are deceptively simple action adventures with a built-in co-operative mode that anyone can join in and leave whenever they want. The combat is simple enough that anyone can play and you never really die, leaving the most complex part of the gameplay the always cleverly designed puzzles.

For this special version of the games extra levels have been added in (including the Zam Wessell chase from Attack of the Clones) as well as new bonus missions, ten new bounty hunter missions and the ability to play any of the characters in any of the levels. Add in a new online co-op mode for the PS3 and 360 and this really is the complete saga.

* Over 160 playable, customisable characters including never-before-seen Zam Wessell, Lama Su, Watto, Boss Nass, Captain Tarfals and R5-D4.
* 36 Story Mode levels, spanning all the action of the six Star Wars movies.
* 15 bonus levels.
* Free Play, Bounty Hunter and Challenge Modes.
* Two-player "drop-in/drop-out" co-operative play, offline and online.
* New high-res models and textures for all characters, with normal maps, to set a new visual standard for next-gen LEGO minifigures.
* Brand new secret unlockables.
* The "Character Customiser" feature, which enables players to mix-and-match parts from all the characters the collect in the game.
* Also include: "mini-kit" vehicle play zones, with three new Vehicle Bonus levels - again, one for each of Episode`s I, II, and III.


thanks, ordered :thumbsup:

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Absolute steal, great game... Voted proper hot...

Brilliant thank you!

This was not out on PSP

Brilliant game.


This was not out on PSP

Yes, it was only the original trilogy.

Would have bought it but having a dispute with Amazon at the moment, so boycotting the site!!!!
Voted HOT though

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Price has gone up to £14.99 but glad i made up my mind to buy it before it did. :thumbsup:
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