Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga (Xbox 360), Pre order £29.99.

Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga (Xbox 360), Pre order £29.99.

Found 14th Sep 2007
UK Release Date:- 9th November 2007.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga takes the fun and endless customisation of everything Lego and combines it with the epic story, characters and action from Star Wars to create a unique game that lets you build and battle your way through a tongue-in-cheek Star Wars Galaxy.

. Over 160 playable, customisable characters including never-before-seen Zam Wessell, Lama Su, Watto, Boss Nass, Captain Tarfals and R5-D4.

. 36 Story Mode levels, spanning all the action of the six Star Wars movies.

. 15 bonus levels.

. Free Play, Bounter Hunter amd Challenge modes.
Two-player "drop-in/drop-out" co-operative play, offline and online.

. New high-res models and textures for all characters, with normal maps, to set a new visual standard for next-gen LEGO minifigures.

. Brand new secret unlockables.

. The "Character Customiser" feature, which enables players to mix-and-match parts from all the characters the collect in the game.

. Also include: "mini-kit" vehicle play zones, with three new Vehicle Bonus levels - again, one for each of Episode's I, II, and III.
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And the PS3 version is also £29.99 which is also the best price available at the moment.

Nice one - my 5 year old will be wanting this! (honest)
Thanks bargainboy next cheapest is £39.99, so good price!
Will be getting this one!..
Haven't got a 360, but my son loves the games on his PS2. Excellent fun.
Finally get to kill Jar-Jar Binks!!!!!!!
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