Lego Star Wars UCS Snow Speeder only £140 delivered from

Lego Star Wars UCS Snow Speeder only £140 delivered from

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It's not often you see a discounted Lego UCS model in the middle of the year, and this is one of my favourite vehicles from the original Star Wars trilogy, I member cheering at the screen as a child when they were taking the AT-AT's down, pretty awesome. Do you member?

Dispatched & Sold by Amazon.

Once in the basket the Lego set is ~€156.26, and the shipping is only €7.01.

Paid for in € with a fee free card, including shipping it comes a total of ~€158.27, which translates to £139-143 depending on the card used, and exchange rate when you check out.

Also, yes this is a hell of a lot of money for bits of plastic, so no need to bother with a thread full of...

OMG how much!
When did Lego get so expensive?
Holy cow, are you serious, I could by 200 John Players Specials for that.

I could go on but I won't, have full building it if you get one.
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Good deal. Has been down to £135 in Smyth's Toys a couple of times but definitely best price if u want one now
What’s UCS about this one? I thought UCS was like the millennium falcon and they were listed as so?…%21
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