Lego starwars book with lego Aldi £3.99

Lego starwars book with lego Aldi £3.99

Found 24th Jan 2015
Got this book from aldi it's full of lego and 2 mini figures. Also had chimera and ninjago too.
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nice find op, which store?
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nice find op, which store?

They had them in the Leigh store earlier today too.

And another book with a Luke Skywalker minifig too.
Just got back from aldi Walkden and these were still full price
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They also had the starwars/superhero lego books with the single minifigure reduce but some so-and-so had twocked the figures off!

Maybe the staff haven't got around the reducing the ones in that store? Was a full basket full in Hartlepool
Hope these are reduced in my local. Have been waiting for this set to come down a bit for ages. Great find x
Showed as full price in my local (gainsborough) for the Star Wars one and dc super heroes one but both scanned as £5.19 so not a bad price. Thanks for the post op
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