Lego Storage Brick 1 at Sainsburys

Lego Storage Brick 1 at Sainsburys

Found 18th Dec 2012
Yellow storage brick 1 with 1/3rd off. The red one is £4.66 though
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Instor only?
thanks :-)
Red and Yellow 1 (£4.66 - or maybe £3.50 now for yellow as per posting title), 2 (£6.99?), and 4 (£9.99) size bricks are on offer with 1/3 off at Sainsburys (in the gift aisle, not with the Lego afaik). Along with Lego torch / keyring / clock. Also online, but bricks were all oos when I was looking recently - edit: looks like they've removed all the sizes apart from the yellow 2, and that's oos at the moment.

Red 8 brick was at £18 on Amazon, but is back to £20 now.

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The yellows ones are actually half price @ £3.50. All of the other storage bricks are 1/3 off.
how big is this whats the size??
Saw these in the Leigh store this afternoon.

They had quite a few and I was surprised to see these on offer let alone on the shelves. TBH I was expecting them to be a little bigger than they were considering their RRP's.

Didn't see the ones's for £3.50 AFAIR.

how big is this whats the size??

They are12.5 x 12.5 x 18cm / 4.9 x 4.9 x 7.1" and BPA free.

Head added I managed to get a Lego storage head (small one) from Sainsbury's and that was a 1/3 off.
I just bought red for £3.50 small and 2 large (4 brick) at £9.99 red, the 2 brick were £6.66
Isn't that a lunch box? Lol
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