LEGO Storage Bricks 1,2 and 4 £1.99 - £7.99 @ HOME BARGAINS

LEGO Storage Bricks 1,2 and 4 £1.99 - £7.99 @ HOME BARGAINS

Found 8th Dec 2015
LEGO storage Bricks in my local Home Bargains today. 3 Different sizes that I saw, were the 1,2 and 4 brick. Prices were £1.99, £3.99 and £7.99 respectively. The £3.99 2 brick ones are £16.99 in Argos, so seems a good deal to keep all of that annoying small Lego together at Christmas. Why LEGO don't just provide you with some sort of storage with the big sets, I will never know. Oh's because they enjoy reading the stories where someone has crippled themselves by standing on the smallest piece ever and falling to the floor in agony
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Just noticed this was put into the wrong category
What colours were there please?
thank you , will pop in to my local store 2morrow
Nothing on the website
Sorry, just a link to the website, not sure if they will be available online, or just store only? These were available in a variety of colours. I saw, blue, red, a lime green colour? And pink.
Fuuuuark, off to HB's tomorrow!
Aw man, 4 brick dearer than the £4.99 they were the last time but I love the aesthetic of these so if I see them I'll no doubt buy them all.

Plus I secretly want to build a fort
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These are brilliant. Got some of the 4's last year and they sit together really well. Might just pop to store for some more.
so glad av seen this, got my son lego dimensions for xmas so have been looking for something to him keep his sets together, was looking at the small lego heads but these look much cooler. fingers crossed my local has them bahhhhhh
nothing in Letchworth home bargains, said they've never seen them!
Would love to post a photo of the ones I have seen, but not a clue how?
Nothing in my local , never seen them and don't know if they are getting them ....
i rang the 2 nearest stores to me neither had them in stock
None in Altrincham
back from my goose chase and found some in the yorkgate centre belfast but they only had the double ones in pink or single blue ones, there was none in the abbycentre
I just left 4 single blue ones in a basket in Swinton... decided I didn't go in there to buy lego storage boxes, cos id have to buy 10 of them
None in local Cardiff/ Pontypridd stores
None in the York store.
Only the blue '1 knob' variety in stock (as packaging actually states) in both Derby stores. Heat for you op
Just seen some of the 8 brick green ones for £12.99 in HB Talke
Lots of pink double-knobs, and a few pink 8-knobs in Clydebank Retail Park this afternoon.

Also a lot of pink single-knobs, and a few pink 8-knobs in Clydebank Shopping Centre too.

Only pink left though.
The four green brick ones were in the Dudley store today!
The Monkswood Retail Park store in Stevenage had the 4 knob ones in yellow in stock today - three left on the shelf when I saw them this afternoon
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