Lego Storage Head (girl) £13.49 @ Play

Lego Storage Head (girl) £13.49 @ Play

Found 2nd Dec 2011
The RRP of these is £17, and I've been keeping an eye on amazon and play for a few weeks, the price has been varying from £17-£22. Play now have the Large Girl for £13.49.

I've already got my daughter the smaller size (about 16cm each way) when amazon had it at £12 and it turned out to be roomier than I thought, with this larger one (about 24cm each way) she'll have enough room for all of her Christmas lego. Whether she'll bother to tidy the lego into it is another matter...
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I find even these ones quite small. I bought a few of the large plastic trugs from B&Q. Ideal for lego storage, and the big opening means the kids can throw the bricks in and not miss.
I use one of these as the biscuit jar. X)
If I type large girl in google I find something else entirely.
must have sold out - shame niece would have loved this
I agree with Winstonmanc, My kids have this in their room and it doesn't hold a huge huge amount. Its done the job though for the 3 boxes of lego they got given.

Think I may go for the 8 piece block storage for Christmas. Fab price though OP, Heat added for this. I paid £15.50 for mine and that has been the cheapest I have ever seen it.
8 piece block storage ??

8 piece block storage ??

Not as cheap as these heads and don't look as good which is why i already bought a head, But this one in the link looks so much bigger when I saw it in Toys are us.

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