Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs £125 Asda, £105 + extras TRU price match

Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs £125 Asda, £105 + extras TRU price match

Found 31st Oct 2016
Great price at asda, £125 delivered:…1S5

Even better at Toys R Us INSTORE (deal will partially expire after tomorrow):…001

Ask Toys R Us to price match Asda (£125) and you will get Geoffrey Giraffe free. Now use the £20 voucher below to knock the price down to £105.…ing?ab=tru_homepage:carousel:20-off-coupon

Even better, since it's still over £100 you'll receive a £15 promotional gift voucher:…pon

Can obviously also be used with other lego sets and toys. Not guaranteed but worth a punt. If doesn't work then the Asda price is still a good one.

Thanks to Sparkle88 and not_just_bob for the inspiration.
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Careful, this isn't always guaranteed, some toys are us won't allow you to price match and use a discount voucher, been stopped doing this in a couple of their stores
TBH didn't think it would work but gave it a try and no problem. Just asked for the price match first at the till and then presented the coupon at the end. Got two lots honoured (one this set, the other a collection of 3 other sets also price matched). Thus, Christmas sorted and a nice gift for me :-)

Nice! No Toys'r'us in East Kent though :(.

I did order one as part of a Technic 3-for-2 at Tesco, my other orders with them have all be dispatched and collected, but the one with this in has not had any further update since ordering... wonder if it will be cancelled...
seems the £20 coupon for TRU has expired now but the set has gone down to £116 base price so still a better deal than ASDA. Can also get the £15 voucher for a later purchase however this voucher is only valid between 18th Nov and 1st Dec so have fun with that narrow window
This worked for us too, thank you!
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