LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 42043 £82.48 @ Tesco

LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 42043 £82.48 @ Tesco


thank you

sweet! ordered

Flubit no doubt waiting for this to go out of stock before they attempt to send me an offer...

Yeah, a present for me

Arrggh. Really shouldn't buy another one... such an expensive day!

Worth the money when I got it at £115, this is just an insane price, what are you waiting for...................

Present for me !! Thanks

White candled Flamedeer just need gold now haha

Heat added, but I really shouldn't buy one as I bought the Porsche earlier. However, this is very tempting!!

Yep, ordered at 19:00. Was torn between this & the rs3. Should pass some time on Christmas Day.
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omg, i start to dislike this site , just joking but i seem to spend more, instead of saving xx thats another technic bought ! hope hubby appreciates it, and will in return get me more handbags and Pandora lol Thanks OP for an amazing deal.

Not sure why I need another one of these but it's cheap so what the heck..

Resistance is futile but (un)fortunately oos (at checkout) now.

Dam you I resisted and resisted all day and then you posted this and I caved in. great price though so thanks LOL.

showing £164 now


showing £164 now

Not if you click and collect

O.O.S "Sorry, this product is currently unavailable.
Your stock alert is set up. We will email you ....."

Bah missed it AGAIN

Crazy price
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