Lego Torches & Lamps HALF PRICE instore at Wilkinson
Lego Torches & Lamps HALF PRICE instore at Wilkinson

Lego Torches & Lamps HALF PRICE instore at Wilkinson

Lego Mini Key-ring Torch £6 > £3
Lego Torch £15 > £7.50
Lego Head Lamp £8 > £4
Lego Brick Light £10 > £5

Prices are approx as I didn't think to make a note of them while I was there! Sorry. Head Lamp is defiantely right, cos I bought one of those.

They're on a free-standing display in my local store.


Hope they have them at my local store....My son has been asking for one for ages! Must go first thing in the morning...Thanks for the heads up HOT HOT HOT!

If you miss out at wilkos and have a B&M near you they have the torch for £6.99. Saw them in the Derby branch this week.

thanks for the heads up - will check it out tomorrow

hot!...., but i was looking at these in my local wilkinsons today and there was no sign of a reduction, all priced up at full price

These are brill. The led light on the keyring is really bright - great for seeing the door lock in the dark. Ive also got the large torch (They are £6.99 from B and M) which i use as a toothbrush holder rather than a torch - gets loads of comments when people use the bathroom

My local Wilkos had Lego Atlantis half price. Bought one of each set (Lego 8058, 8059 and 8060) for stocking fillers for my son for xmas


Just been to my local store (Winton, Bournemouth) Tickets showing full price, but till says half price on entire range. Got some great bargains! Thanks.

I bought one of these a few weeks ago when the deal was originally posted. I was suprised to see some laterns, torches & brick lights still available in the Bridgwater branch today marked at half price.
Hope this helps someone.
Cheers Madcow
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