Legoland Christmas tickets £25pp

Legoland Christmas tickets £25pp

Found 31st Jan 2017
I know it's only January and only a few hours notice but if you book before midnight Legoland are doing an early bird offer for Xmas. £25pp and the kids get a lego gift, park rides are open too and car parking included.
Might be useful to someone
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Was shocked to see Christmas deal, but get it Added Some Warmth
How much are they normally?

How much are they normally?

Merry Christmas
Am I missing something, but isn't there usually a 2 for 1 deal somewhere ? . I have never paid full price for any of the theme parks .

I didn't even know they were open at Christmas, thought they were all shut . So if this is a good deal I want in , but as I said there is always a buy 1 get 1 free somewhere . So that works out cheaper ?
We did this a few years ago. It was ok but you don't get a 'proper' Legoland experience.
Not all the park rides are open (far from it), access is reduced to just 2 areas. No drive school, water rides, no model village etc. The Santa experience is pretty good, the present is ok probably worth £7 to £10. It was an ok day out but we were done way earlier than our Santa visit time, so spent a few hours hanging around in the cold.

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