Legoland Windsor 4th November all tickets £20

Legoland Windsor 4th November all tickets £20

Found 30th Oct 2017
Just seen an article that on Saturday 4th November tickets for Legoland are £20. They go on sale at midday. Also in the article they mention a hotel stay for Legoland £179 including park tickets. Not sure they'll be his price on the day.
Will include the article link in next post.
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Just checked, and they are on sale already.
If it's anything like the rest of the Merlin theme parks the last few days then it will be rammed.

Some have been so busy that people have been turned away at the gates as the parks were full to capacity !

And the people who did manage to get inside the parks and payed for FAST TRACK still had to wait up to an hour !

We went to Alton towers screfest last Monday and tuesand it was the busiest that I've personally seen in years,and we go most years in August when it should be at its peak.
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We were at Legoland on Saturday and it was heaving!!
Good deal though- heat added.
So it's £20 for all of the tickets?
Great I'll have my own exclusive use of the facilities!!!
If they expect the tickets to sell fast, it will be extremely busy.

Don't forget the extra £6 for parking and then being busy the extra money for a Q-Bot.
Went to Legoland yesterday. 2hr queue for (crap) Ninjago ride. Shocking.
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