LEGO® Chima Spinlyn's Cavern - 70133 - CLEARANCE - NOW - £24.49! @ Argos (£52.00 on Amazon)

LEGO® Chima Spinlyn's Cavern - 70133 - CLEARANCE - NOW - £24.49! @ Argos (£52.00 on Amazon)

Found 9th Jan 2015
Spinlyn the Spider Queen has crawled back to her creepy cavern with the CHI. Now the massive 6-legged spider is using the winch to lower the ground and patrol the lair. Head into spider territory with Eris Rogon on his powerful Rhino bike. Fire the catapult and evade Spinlyn's webs and poison shooters and grab back the golden CHI. Act fast before the enormous spider blows out the prison's shooting web to send Eris, leader of the Eagle Tribe, flying.

LEGO® model number: 70133

Includes 3 minifigures with the weapons and accessories: Spinlyn, Rogon and Eris in her new armour.

Spider Cavern features prison with shooting web, winch and mirror for Spinlyn, spider fangs, poison tubes, spider queen's shine for stolen CHI with poison shooter, spiders, webs, 2-part detachable base and golden CHI.

Rhino bike features CHI-powered engine, all-terrain wheels, catapult, CHI weapon holder, rhino detailing, cool dashboard and translucent elements.

Theme: LEGO Chima.
Weapons include Eris' Boblade, Rogon's Rammer Slammer and Spinlyn's Webstafa.
Includes new armour for Eris.


34.75 on Amazon the best deal till now. Absolutely better option in Argos. Thank you


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