LEGO®Games 3852 : Sunblock £1.75 reduced from £7.99 78% off! @ tesco

LEGO®Games 3852 : Sunblock £1.75 reduced from £7.99 78% off! @ tesco

LocalFound 14th Mar 2012
78% off the RRP has got to be a record for Lego discounts!

Summer’s here and you’ve found the perfect spot on the beach, but so has everyone else! Move the sunshades and rubbish bins to make the others go home. The last person on the beach wins! A crazily crowded knockout game for 2–4 players.

Found in store on the toys clearance shelf and the best thing is it contains a Lego crab (never seen one of these before)!
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How is this not getting hotter? I know its maybe not the best set out there, but 78% off has got to be worth a punt. A single mini figure on its own (normally) costs more than this set and it has ten time more bricks in it!
I would say it is because the game is rubbish, it's been a bad seller, which is why they are dumping them. This is a reasonable price for the parts if you want those ones.
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