Leisure CK100G232K Cookmaster 100 100cm Black Gas Range Cooker - £799 delivered (+ £150 Cashback redemption) + 2%TCB @ The Co-operative Electrical

Leisure CK100G232K Cookmaster 100 100cm Black Gas Range Cooker - £799 delivered (+ £150 Cashback redemption) + 2%TCB @ The Co-operative Electrical

Found 27th Oct 2015
Current price: £829.99
£799 with offer code: FFCR30
+ £150 by online redemption from 18Nov15 leisurecooker.co.uk/coo…ack
+ 2% TCB (£16.80)
+ 699 co-operative membership points
= £632.20 with FREE delivery (1 hr slot)

Master the cooking with Leisure! The CK100G232K Cookmaster gas range oven from Leisure combines traditional design and modern features to really give your kitchen the wow factor. This full gas model boasts powerful cooking and puts you in complete control of the temperature at all times. Both conventional ovens boast a 51 litre capacity and there’s also a dedicated grill, perfect if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to frying. The 7 burner gas hob with wok burner offers plenty of space for your pans, whether they’re large or small. The main cavity has catalytic liners on its sides to make cleaning the oven that bit easier.
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Gas ovens.... Seems quite specialist. most people would go for elec fan ovens in a range.
And it looks like one of those 'timers from hell'. Every economy oven seem to have the same timer system. Extraordinarily non intuitive and barely functional. In one model i had, if you had a powercut, and the clock reset, it wasnt possible to use the fan oven without setting the clock.
This wasnt just a case of, if you dont set the clock you just get the wrong time, the actual oven was disabled without the clock getting set. Surely such an important function would be easy to do?

No, in fact despite being a fairly technical person, it was not possible for me to decipher the correct series of buttons without reading the manual every single time i needed to do it.
Heat for the code op
Besides 'timers from hell', these ovens have another annoying feature which is a very noisy fan which comes on and blows directly from the above the grill outwards. Apparently this is a safety feature but it's uncomfortably loud, comes on automatically and can't be turned off. In spite of this, it's quite easy to get a real blast of hot smokey air when you open a lower oven door, so watch out! And the shelves and grill tray are fiddly and difficult to use.
I had a stainless steel version of this oven. This had 'unfinished' sides. I had to buy a stainless steel panel to cover one side which wasn't finished in stainless steel. So this is worth checking with this unit if you have it free standing or want it as an end unit.
I spent upwards of £500 on a Zanussi gas cooker. Never again. No fan and the flame burns orange, but the engineer called out said that it was OK. How the hell should gas flame shows up orange????? and still safe and efficient. Gas cooker with no fan is destined to be rubbish to clog up the universe!

I wish I had kept my old Continental electric cooker as the heat is homogenous, not burning food on one side whilst the other side not cooked!
Previously had a range master cooker similar to this. It was absolutely brilliant compared to the Belling cooker we have now.
The range master also had the timer issue after a power cut but just pressing a button and not bothering with the clock got it working somehow. The belling has a touch sensitive blue led clock, which has caused a fault on the oven on at least three occasions in under 4 years. Give me the normal style clock any day..
Got one of these for my mums new kitchen. It is a really nice looking cooker and seems very well made.
might go for the 90cm....whats the story on fitting these do you need a sparks and a gas guy?
I recently bought the dual fuel version of this and at the time there was a £50 voucher on the Co-op site for range cookers as well as the Leisure cashback, Co-op points & Tesco points on my credit card and either TCB or Quidco - can't remember which!
Top tip if you do buy one of these - they come very well packaged BUT when mine was unwrapped, although the outer packaging looked unmarked, we found "squeeze" damage to the back panels, so do check it over thoroughly.
This resulted in a further credit back to my card from the Co-op.

Co-op also do warranties at cost. Five year warranty was £57ish at the time of purchase.
Thanks for posting ... Some good deals on cookers and with the cash back seems a good time to buy! Bought the 110 version cracking deal. Appreciated
It takes a standard gas hose. The 90cm one I got was dual fuel, one fan oven one gas didn't need a high capacity power cable. It doesn't come with a plug fitted thougj
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