Unfortunately, this deal has expired 12 February 2024.
Posted 11 February 2024

Leisure Range Gas 100 cm Cooker CK100G232K - Black

£240£99976% off
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Seems like a price error!

Worth a try if you need one

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  • Brand: Leisure
  • Range style 100 cm gas cooker
  • Seven burner gas hob with wok burner offers plenty of space for your pans
  • 2 x 67 litre capacity conventional ovens
  • Dedicated grill cavity with grill pan and handle
  • Cook-clean catalytic liners help keep the main ovens clean
  • Removable inner door glass for easy cleaning
  • Timer and clock for keeping track of cooking times
  • Durable cast iron pan supports
  • Versatile storage area at the bottom right
  • Mains push button ignition with flame safety device (FSD)
  • Bottom left oven energy class: A+
  • Top right oven energy class: A+
  • Dimensions: 90H x 100W x 60D cm (35½ x 39½ x 23¾ ins)


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  1. toonsquirel's avatar
    I work for freemans and can’t believe this is a coincidence, we are looking at administration any day so now so I bet they take thousands of these orders and then announce it and everyone loses their money
    Tiberiusric's avatar
    They will now you've seen this and told them (edited)
  2. Deal_me_happy's avatar
    This company has made an £8m and £4m loss in the past 2 accounting periods. This company is in financial difficulty. Good luck getting your money back!!!!!
    52182855-MgCGW.jpg (edited)
    Joynul's avatar
    I used credit card...
  3. newbie68's avatar
    Says further 25% off if you set up a credit account with them. Anyone knows how this works?

    Edit - never mind - found out it excludes electricals. Will leave this up incase anyone else asks the same (edited)
    _hhn's avatar
    But this is not an electrical
  4. Luke_AdamsKog's avatar
    Would never get a gas oven even at that price.
    spanglish03's avatar
    It's dual fuel...gas top only
  5. Pilow's avatar
    Dejaque's avatar
    Just in case all of the 7 people unfamiliar with this joke are offline, I will fill in.

    OMG how could you do this, you've ruined it for all of us you muppet. There's always one. I was going to buy this and sell it for a small profit to feed my starving family, and now you've essentially sentenced us to death. Hope you're happy (edited)
  6. mantisinc's avatar
    I work for Freemans. I can confirm this is a legitimate deal, and Leisure, who are owned by Beko, have discontinued this model and have given Freemans the exclusive contract to clear all remaining stock which sits at around 1,900 units as of Friday.
    conciliar's avatar
    If your profile picture wasn't the Nigerian scammer from fonejacker we may have believed you!!!
  7. Baggie79's avatar
    I ordered this before it landed on HUKD but I still think mine will be cancelled. The one thing I would say is that the people who highlighted this to Freemans with a tidal wave of contact via phone and chat havent helped at all.
    Ravster's avatar
    Yes because the 5000-6000 orders wouldn't have tipped them off at all.
  8. Malcolm_Duff's avatar
    Order up... bookmark
    louiselouise's avatar
  9. kramms's avatar
    Orders arrived now where to put the rest of the kitchen

    John_Atkin's avatar
    A range of ranges.
  10. Lordoflight's avatar
    Seems lots of people won't have the time to read the various threads and are confused to whats happening.

    1. There was a price mistake for various Range Cookers and instead of deducting the discount they actually listed the Cooker for that Price. This happened at the weekend.
    2. It was fairly obvious it was a mistake but this is Hotdeals uk Bingo after all - got to be in it to win it
    3. People got the automated Order confirmed with ETA delivery time and got excited thinking it could be possible they get it.
    4. People started advertising the deal on Facebook groups.
    5. Monday and 10000000 sales later ( yes awful website and inventory) and The company finally conceded it was a mistake and cancellation emails are going out to everyone and they will get a refund.
    6. People who haven't had the inevitable cancellation email yet are holding out for hope.
    7. Various people are saying they have had delivery or calls to get the cooker - trying to be funny etc etc, which are confusing all the newer people to the thread. (edited)
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    "finally conceded". No, they went to work monday morning, the right people sat down & worked out a way to correct the error & did so in a very effiecent time frame.
  11. CraigWallace-f2792.39465's avatar
    Went into Currys and caused a near on war with the manager, to the point he disclosed an internal list of companies they don’t price match against (most are scams) and I highlighted freemans is not on the list, he then proceeds to say the list is constantly upgraded (obviously in an ever changing world). Then says they don’t price match against catalogues, got him on the phone to store support for half an hour and she says they match littlewoods, also a catalogue. I’m guessing the advert about eating knowledge and knowing things inside out is a lot of rubbish as the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Good way to pass a couple of hours while my son was wanting to play the computers and it was raining outside anyway hahaha
    The2Time's avatar
  12. Keeeza's avatar
    I called AO to get it price matched, and they said a few others called as well, but they said they couldn't price match Freemans because it looks suspicious due to very low pricing.
    xPabloz's avatar
    Was about to do that same.

    Its obviously misprice but even if it was legit i dont think they would do it. Dont think price promise ever worked for me. All of the companies that offer it will do everything to avoid it (in general from experience). Dont know point of offering it tbh (edited)
  13. Sunny645's avatar
    Don’t have the space, ordered anyway
    Stebrow's avatar
    That’s the spirit
  14. mrbojangles's avatar
    Ah, having been on HUKD for 16 years, I never get tired of a good misprice thread. I'll order in solidarity with you all and look forward to the cancellation mail
  15. face-crab's avatar
    Heads up: company has a 1.6 on trustpilot, claims of no delivery, no refunds etc etc.

    Was going to give it a punt but might not be worth the ensuing headache.
  16. Naeem_Mohamed's avatar
    52181149-TSqHS.jpgDon't think they'll honour it 😏
  17. delfinostar's avatar
    don't put in your bank details. You will never get your money back!!!!!
    deleted2970300's avatar
    You Will, 
    They offer refunds if there has been a price error and cancel the order 
    has happened before 
  18. BrambleJam1S6's avatar
    Is anyone able to successfully use this discount code for 15% off? The submission form says it's been applied but the price is still £240, here it is if anyone can get it working:

    tanvir1's avatar
    Discount code does not apply to electricals
  19. MP8736484's avatar
    Just called Freemans and spoke to a customer advisor who has confirmed there was a pricing error by the supplier, however as the payment has been taken and the confirmation email sent with estimated delivery, they will be honouring the price, delivery expected from the 14th to 16th Feb
    MP8736484's avatar
    I can only go by what the customer service advisor advised, i called on 0333 200 8077. My email confirmation was received on the 11th feb at 1134
  20. Pomegranate_78's avatar
    Anyone got refunded yet…
  21. .MUFC.'s avatar
  22. Burnoburns's avatar
    Is this legit website?
    donny1266's avatar
    You didn’t study a certain section of this catalogue as a kid, before the internet was widespread?
  23. Chammu's avatar
    Ordered.. Mrs will be happy & hopefully I'll get lucky
    hatot's avatar
    The opposite!!! *why did you buy this when we don't need nor have the space*
  24. dark_shadow's avatar
    louiselouise's avatar
    Give this man his range cooker! He's earnt it!
  25. xiaoxigua's avatar
    Is this brand good?
    conciliar's avatar
    Why do you care about the brand. It's a price glitch. We don't ask further questions but just order!!!
  26. Proveright's avatar
    My take on this thread. Unfortunately I was not in it to win it, but I notice that every time there is a possible glitch deal on here, there is always some people whom will nause it up for everyone else?
    Like ringing up customer services or emailing them, to draw attention to it. And even asking them "is it true"?
    This may have been a genuine deal too, to clear some stock? But then some people, instead buying, in it to win it, go and ask Curry's or Amazon, etc to price match?

    What do you think Curry's will do, likely contact the Manufacturer and moan about a competitor under cutting them. The Manufacturer will then ensure the plug was pulled on the deal!
    louiselouise's avatar
    To be fair, most people commenting about contacting the company are usually winding others up for the lulz. There will be others who are worriers (maybe new to glitches) who think they're doing nothing wrong asking...

    If I see a glitch it's always secret squirrel / let sleeping dogs lie, and other cliches... (edited)
  27. newbie68's avatar
    Oh come on - it's threads like this that keep me coming back - the anticipation, the annoyance, the anger to come or the exhilaration closely followed by the 'what on earth am i going to do with this - I only ordered it for a laugh' comments.

    This is what HUKD should be about. I'm sick of the few pennies of grociery items threads.
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    I find it hard to fathom why people call them up & go on chat a minute after business hours start. It is like they think by doing so Freemans are going to expedite a £1k cooker (not that they are worth £1k if anyone has actually had a look at one) by next day delivery.
  28. Pomegranate_78's avatar
    Will they refund if they don’t honour the deal?
    The2Time's avatar
    You think they can just keep peoples money or something? What sort of question is this.
  29. amazing1234232323's avatar
    Anyone else got theirs yet?

    I have 3 delivered so far. One for the kitchen, one for the garden and one for the camper van.
    Ravster's avatar
    Mine arrived about 3 hours before I ordered.
  30. Darthballs's avatar
    Mine just arrived, it looks quite a bit different from the pics on their website

  31. freddyfender's avatar
    Not in the spirit of the site but it makes you think if the original poster bought one ..or even 2 ..and kept quite it might have got honoured (edited)
    melvzt's avatar
    Didn’t really need one so thought might as well put it on here
  32. Abdul1234's avatar
    Mine has just been delivered. I wasn't in so they left it behind the bin.
    GlitchFace's avatar
    They posted mine through the letterbox, now it's all bent and I need to return it.
  33. muffboy's avatar
    I ordered yesterday and cancelled at 5 a.m. this morning thinking that will confuse them. Delivery cannot be stopped unless cancellation request is approved, thought mine might slip through the net. Received a cancellation email saying they had cancelled it? I might lodge a complaint as they did not respond properly to my cancellation request.
    Faistime's avatar
    You're going to complain that they cancelled your order because YOU wanted to cancel it? Hmm.
  34. The2Time's avatar
    Imagine working the phone lines for freemans tomorrow.

  35. Cyb's avatar
    I'm bored. I'm buying another one.
    Orange_swan's avatar
    It's not a kids play set
  36. Faistime's avatar
    Just to add my two cents worth!

    £240 is not much of a risk for such an item so, although we didn't need one either, I went ahead and purchased. Worst case scenario, it'd be cancelled and I'd get my money back. I ordered on Sunday around 1:30pm. At 1:34pm, I'd got email confirmation saying my order would be delivered between Wed 14th or Friday 16th. I won't bother calling them as, if it comes, then great. If it gets cancelled, it was worth a try!

    My biggest concern is that it arrives on Wednesday 14th and my wife thinks it is her Valetines gift..... (edited)
    Cyb's avatar
    If she doesn't want it, I'm happy to be your wife and accept the gift.
  37. eboydk's avatar
    The2Time's avatar
    A little late to the party with that joke.
  38. rossgetty's avatar
    State of that
    nostoneunturned's avatar
    Alfie, aka Alfonso, does not have much luck with cars and cookers. He may come to symbolise these type of obvious 'price mistakes deals'. You know its a mistake but feel that you can benifit from someones else's misfortune. The moral of Alfies story is either to be grateful for what you have, or to rise above playing the victim where the odds are stacked against you. I also hope he is Gas safe registered for removing his own cooker.
    Lets pray for Alfie
  39. raheelius1's avatar
    Just built a brand new house and left the missus cos I can now finally cook for myself - can’t wait for it to arrive
's avatar