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Leisure Suit Larry Bundle (Steam PC) - £1.49 @ Fanatical
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Leisure Suit Larry Bundle (Steam PC) - £1.49 @ Fanatical

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Posted 19th Feb

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

A bit of a blast from the past this one. 7 games for £1.49

Games In The Bundle

Get ready for one of the most infamous point and click graphic adventure series to date with the Leisure Suit Larry Bundle. Featuring seven Steam games, players will follow the journey of loser Larry Laffer in his pursuit to find a female partner that he can… ‘snuggle with’.

Enjoy Al Lowe’s retro classics for a new generation and begin your journey with the original Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. Leave your mother’s basement and head to the city of Lost Wages in search a companion - there are four girls who Larry might possibly woo, but which one (if any) will fall for his charm?

Venture into a run-down 1980s bar, disco club, casino and even a chapel in search of love and interact with characters and objects in order to solve puzzles. Once you've got a taste of the bachelor lifestyle, it's time to travel the globe with Larry in a series of misadventures where scoring chicks aren't always the main objective.

Escaping from deadly KGB agents, uncovering the dark secrets of an evil doctor on a remote tropical island, and flirting your way into the Cruise ship captain's bedroom are just some of the many risque humorous incidents that occur in the everyday life of Larry!

Including retro classic gameplay and even a Grope ‘n’ Click interface for moments of 'one-handed mousing' - the Leisure Suit Larry Bundle is jam-packed full of point and click adventures, innuendos and hilarious outcomes.

Hope it helps someone.
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Terrible games but loved playing them as a kid 😁
ken sent me
He looks like Robert Kubica - lmao - that could literally be him
I am surprised this is allowed to be sold in the snowflake era.
bozo00720/02/2020 06:32

I am surprised this is allowed to be sold in the snowflake era.

More things were banned in the past than these days
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