Lelli Kelly shoes half price at Charles Clinkard and Free Delivery - £22.50

Lelli Kelly shoes half price at Charles Clinkard and Free Delivery - £22.50

Found 5th Jan 2009
Charles Clinkard have got quite a few different styles of Lelli Kelly reduced, this is just the style that I have bought for my daughter, they also have some boots reduced from £70 to £35 in selected sizes but also free delivery so a great price for these shoes which are usually very hard to find in the sale. They have got a sale in the store too but there are a lot more sizes online and with free delivery it's a lot easier (less queues too!!)

They also have all other designer shoes half price including Buckle My Shoe, Crocs and many more so worth a look.
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A great find - many thanks! Our daughter has wanted these for ages but £45 is hard to justify for a pair of shoes for a 4 year old!!

Order placed.... she will be over the moon.... thanks again!
Over Priced Junk Even At Half Price

Over Priced Junk Even At Half Price

Here here :thumbsup:

Over Priced Junk Even At Half Price

yep but if you check the link they have some timberland boys half price £17.50 just not sure of width fitting...
Asda £5 Job Done
I Think Lelli Kelly Will Vanish Along With Woolies

Over Priced Junk Even At Half Price

I completely disagree. My daughter was given her first pair by a friend of a friend that obviously has so much money that she just gives Lelli Kelly's away rather than selling them on ebay. Anyway, my daughter wore them to death and they still looked as new and from then on I was hooked, we now sell each pair as she grows out of them on ebay for about half their original price and put this towards the next pair. None of her other shoes have worn like this and you can put them in the washing machine, agreed that at full price they are EXTREMELY expensive but at half price they are fantastic and other people I know who have them for their kids also agree.

Edit, I've also bought plenty of shoes from Asda and believe me, these last a darn sight longer!!

Over Priced Junk Even At Half Price

That's what I thought till I bought my daughter a pair in the sale last year. They have worn better than her clarks (and she's worn them more often). They still look like new, and the separate leather insole is great at allowing the feet to breathe.

I will definately get her another pair (only in the sale though!)
i cannot agree more with the poster above.
My little 5yo has got 2 pairs of lelli's and they are fantastic. They are without a doubt the best made shoes i have ever bought. She has lived in 1 pair since september and when washed they look brand new without a single missing sequin or loose thread.
I was lucky enough to pick her up another pair in thier autumn sale and she got these for christmas, i have to say they look as well made as her other pair.

Thanks...Ordered some for my daughter...she loves them and they wash up great
what is the sizing like? M daughter is an 8G in clarks - would she be the same in Lelli Kelly?
My daughter's current Lelli's are a 27 and I seem to remember she measured an 8½ at the time, also a G/H fitting at Clarks so I'd probably go for the same size (26.5 if you can find one), best to be a bit big than a bit small.
There is a world of difference between Lelli Kelly shoes and Asda shoes - I have to agree that these are very well made, comfortable shoes which at half price are fantastic value for money - voted hot!
Try putting your Asda used shoes and your Lelli Kelly used shoes on Ebay and see which ones make the best return lol
When I buy Lelli Kellys in a sale I put them on ebay after my Daughter grows out of them, They nearly make the same amount as the price I paid originally!
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