Lemon drizzle kitkat £1.50 instore @ Asda

Lemon drizzle kitkat £1.50 instore @ Asda

Found 2nd Mar
New flavour to the family lemon drizzle kitkat £1.50 in Asda 9 pack that are bloody nice
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Awful 🤢
@Dementedo64 +1
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Picked these up the other day, I quite like them.
Been in store ages
2tigger241 m ago

They are delicious

I really wanted to like them but for me the taste is like a strong hit of sweeteners
not very lemony....
These are fantastic!! I Love them.
If you want to see some crazy flavours, go to Tokyo. They have wasabi, strawberry, at least 10 weird flavours.
Not much lemon, but they are nice.
They're alright, not as good as we had anticipated - think it's because they coat them in a lemon flavoured 'chocolate', rather than putting a lemon cream filing inside and keeping the outside plain, like the KitKat Chunky range.
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