Lemon Jelly - 64 to 95 DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV
Lemon Jelly - 64 to 95 DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

Lemon Jelly - 64 to 95 DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

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Introducing `64 - `95, the third instalment in Lemon Jelly's rich history of long-players. Fortunately, never being ones for a safe option, Lemon Jelly present their most diverse record yet.

Continuing from where their limited (and now highly collectable) `Soft Rock' and `Rolled Oats' 7's left off, Lemon Jelly have made an album entirely based upon unlikely samples swiped from their vast record collections. Each track is built around one single snippet and then fleshed out with the full Jelly treatment. They flip between musical styles at will and make light work of cramming metal, 70s pop, Euro house, R&B, punk and more into just one album.
The title, `64 - `95, simply signifies the span in years of the various samples they've used and, as ambitious as the whole thing sounds, it works. The list of musical mavericks willingly plundered includes 70s popsters Gallagher and Lyle, Scottish post-punkers The Scars, UK R&B star Terri Walker (singing a Monica cover) and none-more-heavy metallers, Masters of Reality. Each track manages to come as a complete stylistic surprise without losing any flow from one to the next; having said that, it's probably best not to mention the Maori crooner or Captain James T. Kirk for the moment.
In typical Lemon Jelly fashion, that's just the half of it. Their meticulous sleeve design remains, but this time they've upped the ante somewhat by also producing a full DVD version of the album. Roping in Fred's design company, Airside, they have made video promos for every track (as well as designing all the packaging of all the various formats). From the beautiful machinations of `Only Time' to the creepy-crawly neon floral jungle of `Make Things Right' and an abstracted live action dance piece reminiscent of a James Bond title sequence for `Come Down On Me', the DVD goes through a rather sumptuous array of animation styles and weird worlds.

Tracklisting: `88 AKA Come Down On Me / `68 AKA Only Time / `93 AKA Don't Stop Now / `95 AKA Make Things Right / `79 AKA The Shouty Track / `75 AKA Stay With You / `76 AKA The Slow Train / `90 AKA Man Like Me / `64 AKA Go


wish the videos that accompanied the ky.jelly comp came out
great band-top live shows

Great find, cheers Mr Wedge, hot

Great band, and a good price.:thumbsup:

Top quality - cheers!

Great visuals, cheers pal.
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