Lemon Popsicle 1-4 DVD Boxset (4 Discs) - £5.99 @ Play

Lemon Popsicle 1-4 DVD Boxset (4 Discs) - £5.99 @ Play

Found 12th Nov 2008
Released 17.11. Next cheapest is £9.99 @ HMV. There's also 5% cashback through quidco.
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lol remember the days this was considered porn
The hmv box set is for 7 dvds BUT IS 11.99
You can pre-order the 7 dvd set at HMV for £11.99 as well, ordered mine a while back now. :thumbsup:
Heat given ;-)

Gee whiz someone beat me to it.
I remember watching this years ago, but are these foreign dubbed movies as I'm sure the one I watched looked like it was dubbed.
Yes they are dubbed, I think they are israeli films, but if you can gat past the dubbing, they are classic films with brilliant soundtracks. :thumbsup:
But that's just my opinion. :-D
Yep, they were made in Israel the first one was originaly called (Eskimo Limon), there have been 9 offical movies in the series, the most recent being in 2001but its generally the first 4 that people remember with the original cast and all directed by top Hollywood producer Boaz Davidson (who also directed the US mish mash remake of the first 3 movies, Last American Virgin).
out of stock

out of stock

Had email, my box set is on it's way from HMV, can't wait. :thumbsup:
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