Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Special Edition (2 Discs) DVD only £5.99 delivered!
Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Special Edition (2 Discs) DVD only £5.99 delivered!

Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Special Edition (2 Discs) DVD only £5.99 delivered!

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A good price for this special edition rrp £24.99. Quidco available also.

Special Features

Disc 1: Audio commentary with director Brad Silberling * Audio commentary from director Brad Silberling with the real Lemony Snicket! * Deleted scenes and outtakes: 'Building A Bad Actor': a look at the process of creating Olaf's characters * 'Interactive Olaf': an interactive look at costumes and character tests enabling the viewer to choose from four different Jim Carrey monologues * 'Making The Baudelaire Children Miserable': the casting of the actors to play the Baudelaire orphans * 'Count Olaf's Ghost Story' easter egg (hidden feature): Jim Carrey entertains cast and crew with an improvised ghost story that only he, as Olaf, could possibly pull-off!

Disc 2: 'A Woeful World': a documentary revealing how the filmmakers created the world of Lemony Snicket using some of the finest production and art designers the industry has to offer * 'Costumes And Other Suspicious Disguises': creating the look for main characters Olaf, Aunt Josephine, Uncle Monty and the Baudelaire children * 'Violet's Functional Designs': a remarkable peek at the technical geniuses behind some of Violet's most complex inventions * 'Trains, Leeches And Hurricanes': a detailed look at the film's remarkable CGI scenes * 'The Sad Score': scoring the film with Brad Silberling and Thomas Newman * 'Incredibly Deadly Vipers': where did all those vipers, pythons and critters come from? * 'The Unsound Sound Designer': a look at the remarkable sounds created just for the world of Lemony Snicket this featurette also includes an interactive sound segment with the Terrible Train and Aunt Josephine's house destruction * 'The Terrible Fire': how the Baudelaire house goes from magnificent mansion to burned-out shell in one take * 'An Alarming Conspiracy Involving Sunny': a detailed look at the remarkable animatronic Sunny and her creation at Industrial Light And Magic (ILM) * 'An Even More Alarming Conspiracy Involving Sunny': more on how the animatronic Sunny Doll was created with Kevin Yagher

Review: Mishaps. Mayhem. Misadventures. Oh joy.

A wickedly entertaining movie about the misadventures of the three Baudelaire orphans who must use their wits and resources to escape the clutches of villainous Count Olaf (Carrey), a distant relative who plots to steal their family fortune... Based on the Lemony Snicket books 'The Bad Beginning', 'The Reptile Room' and 'The Wide Window'.


voted cold seems like quite a high price for a not very recent film
SE or not

and if i could vote twice i would this is a very bad movie imho,watched it once and that was enough.

Whether the movie is good or not seems irrelevant to me as everyone has their own opinion, it doesn't have a lot to do with the deal.

If anyone did enjoy this movie they'll want this box set at the cheapest price possible - and this seems to be it. it is an older movie but no-where else has it cheaper.

The single disc edition is available ]£4.59 but if I was buying it I would go for the double disc with the nice box.

Original Poster

Thanks poisonjam, my sentiments exactly!

if you like the books, i'd be a bit wary of it.

It's the first 3 books into one film and obviously they have had to miss things out (some which, I felt, they shouldn't) and they COMPLETELY messed the order of the books around.

Other than that, it's an alright film. Bit pricey though. It's hardly likely to still be a best seller.

I really enjoyed this film. Definitely a reasonable price for it. It's a shame people keep voting cold because they don't like something, rather than in relation to the deal itself.

excellent film, hot

if you read my post again i said voted cold because it doesnt seem a bargain price,it just seems like the standard price for a film of this age.:)

Yep, agree with scotty there.
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