Unfortunately, this deal has expired 11 July 2023.
Posted 10 July 2023

Lencent Universal Travel Adapter 3 USB/1 USB-C - £3.89 @ AliExpress / Factory Direct Collected

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LENCENT International Travel Adapter Travel Charger with 3 USB Port and 1 Type C All-in-one Wall Charger for US EU UK AUS Travel
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  1. yorkie12's avatar
    This is showing for me as a 'welcome deal' , meaning it's only for first time buyers. If you've used Ali express before the price is actually showing at £17.62 ( probably plus VAT too). This will not become obvious until you've gone through the checkout process and it fails your payment. Some times it will say 'remove coupon and try again'.
    Also says 'Free shipping over £8.03' for me , so I'd need to spend more with the same seller. Lots of pitfalls on Ali . (edited)
    Mater's avatar
    Not sure why but I saw the welcome deal notice but still allowed me to buy at £3.89 via the app and I'm not a first time customer.
  2. stamfordblue's avatar
    VAT will be added at checkout.Price needs amending
    innocent's avatar
    innocent Author
    Done. Ta🙋
  3. Micrometeoroid's avatar
    One word..... Kaboom
  4. Haircut_100's avatar
    You have to be careful with these AliExpress adapters otherwise you get a smoking hot deal that generates serious heat!
  5. Rhakio's avatar
    6.63 for me. Maybe only for first order you get discount (edited)
    KamalinO's avatar
    Me too
  6. GRIFF1315's avatar
    Unavailable items(1)

    LENCENT International Travel Adapter Travel Charger with 3 USB Port and 1 Type C All-in-one Wall Charger for US EU UK AUS Travel
    3USB 1Type C,Universal specification plug
    This product can't be shipped to the selected region.
  7. madazan's avatar
    Will this work in Israel?
    ashbryant's avatar
    I'm sure it will burn down a building in any country
  8. pjs2005's avatar
    Can't see offer
  9. AfterAGoodDeal's avatar
    To all the sceptics about its safety. You can be reassured that it comes with a Safety Valve. :/
  10. pentaya's avatar
    As long as it doesn’t blow up my fuse. 
  11. Robdataff's avatar
    Doubt it can legally be shipped here, seeing as there's no live/neutral covers.

    I need something simar though, often makes travel a bit easier. Sadly many places have a recessed plug that means this just wouldn't fit.
  12. dmjar's avatar
    Ah cool, I've not had a house fire for a while
  13. jazzyb88's avatar
    I'd go for one of their GaN chargers to be honest. And as you're only using it for travels, I very much doubt it will burn your hotel down!

    Also, it works with recessed EU plugs as the pin extends out
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