Lenovo 15.6 Laptop Bag Casual Toploader T210 £9 Delivered @ Lenovo

Lenovo 15.6 Laptop Bag Casual Toploader T210 £9 Delivered @ Lenovo

Posted 11th Oct
Good price for this, last time we saw it at around the £11 mark. Had a check through this morning and noticed it had dropped. Nice looking bag for £9 delivered.

  • Fits Up To (L x D x H) - 362 x 22 x 250 mm (14.2 x 0.8 x 9.8 in)
  • Colour - Black
  • Weight - 435 g (0.90 lbs)
  • Brand - Lenovo
  • Packed Weight - 0.5
  • Package Type - PE bag
  • Height - 400 mm (15.7 in)
  • Length - 300 mm (11.8 in)
  • Depth - 55 mm (2.1 in)
  • Warranty Period - 1 Year

Not to be confused with this chap
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Dancing in the moonlight
Dancing in the moonlight
It’s coming up as £12.05 on the final checkout page.

How did you get it for £9 delivered
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shabibijunior11/10/2019 10:06

[Image] It’s coming up as £12.05 on the final checkout page.How did you ge …[Image] It’s coming up as £12.05 on the final checkout page.How did you get it for £9 delivered

That's odd!

Showing at £9 still here - Although the site gives me bad requests on Chrome at the moment, but works fine on Edge.
If you're able to try a different browser, that might work

Edit - Checked mobile too.
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When you checkout with PayPal it takes you back to the website and the price goes up to £12.00. The shipping increases to £3.33
38645435-w1X6H.jpgUse promo code "HONEY5" for 40p off. But final checkout say £8.79. So it is 20p off. If used Paypal the shipping increased to £3.33. So i just used my normal bank card.
Bought. Thanks!
Thanks got 2 for the £1.01 shipping got 80p off with the code and paid through PayPal £16.40 total. Happy days
Shipping gone to £3.98.... price goes up when paying by PayPal and Visa?
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Thanks! got it for £8.79
Good spot OP, just ordered.
Last time I bought from Lenovo, the bag lasted for a week before tearing off.
Hot! Just bought for £8.59 using the voucher. Had to use Microsoft Edge due to java script issues on Chrome.
Decent, if you want something plain
Came to £9.20 for me. As long as it doesn’t fall apart I’m happy with that.
Quidco tracks at £0.16p,

Plus as mentioned promo code “HONEY5” for additional £0.40p off
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8.79 delivered cheers
I love these bags. Usually well made and decent material. Probably bought my first about 12 years ago but tbh I have never ever taken a laptop anywhere in one lmao. Just make sure you have a use for it.
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Got one of these for my MacBook. Really nice and enough pockets for even my external flash drive.
Guys if you paid by paypal, check your paypal and as you may have been charged incorrectly. I was charged £11.93 but the site showed £9 including delivery.

I have cancelled the order. One of there agents explained to me the extra charge was some type of paypal charge.
What a awful check out process. So eventually managed to get 2 for £16.40 (should have been 20p less) via a visa payment after having gone through paypal which stated £16.20 and then on returning to the lenovo where it bumped the postage cost up.

Hope these are good but I think the strap clips are plastic so be warned about them braking as its not fun having your bag crash to the floor.
I've had their bags in the past and always been decent.

But in recent years I've switched to using a padded sleeve and chucking it in a conventional bag/rucksack/etc. More versatile and doesn't scream "steal me there's a laptop inside" to would be thieves.

Looking to do similar with my DSLR. As whilst my Lowepro slingshot is a great bag, its very obvious I'm carrying an expensive camera. So thinking of going for a small shoulder bag, which can be thrown in my rucksack.
I was charged £9.20 and used a credit card.
I was charged £9.20 and used a credit card.

I'd suggest using incognito mode.
Got it - £8.79 delivered by Paypal.
£8.79 via PayPal on Chrome mobile.
Got mine for £9.20 HONEY 5 has expired
2 for £17.17 happy with that thanks
Looks a decent price; if we can get it.
19.99 now
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