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Posted 16 May 2023

Lenovo G27q-30 27 Inch QHD (1440p) Gaming Monitor (VA Panel, 165Hz, 1ms, HDMI, DP Cable, FreeSync Premium) - Raven Black - £179.99 @ Amazon

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Looks like a decent spec;
Screen size27 Inches
Display resolution maximum2560 x 1440 Pixels
Special featureHeight Adjustment
Refresh rate165 Hz
Connectivity technologyHDMI
Display typeLCD
Product dimensions4.6D x 54W x 32.7H centimetres
Specific uses for productGaming
Response time1 Milliseconds
Amazon More details at
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  1. luke_spam's avatar
    Bought this monitor a month ago for the same price and am using it now. It's pretty great, no complaints. I guess the built-in speaker is pretty bad but I don't ever use them so it's not an issue.

    Set up was easy and straight forward. Would definitely recommend at this price.
  2. Orberen's avatar
    Bought this monitor last month during the deal for same price. I've used top of the line IPS 34in ultrawide in my home country and also many VA panels. This monitor is quite unnoticed in terms of black smearing, which is usually most VA panels greatest weakeness. IMO well worth the price if your looking for a relatively good quality budget option and don't need top of the line monitor.
  3. Adam_H7's avatar
    Great deal but two major issues. It's VA, so obviously a slow pixel response with ghosting. The other is the panel is 6-bit with FRC, it will have bad colour banding in all content. (edited)
  4. MrJuggy's avatar
    I’ve been running this monitor with a 5800x/3080 and its been great. Cant fault for the the price. 
    Gratuitous_Spender's avatar
    Could you comment on your gaming experience pls?
  5. Kienio's avatar
    Bought this over a year ago and still performing as it should
    It’s a bargain for the price, honestly
  6. Money_Expert's avatar
    I wouldn't buy a VA for gaming. Dark scenes are full of motion blur! It would give me a migraine.
    The only VA screen that doesn't suffer from this is the Samsung Odd G7 (edited)
  7. PlayerMano1's avatar
    Bought this a few months back, same price. Sent back same day. Viewing angles are really poor. If you have a web browser full screen, sit straight on the center is clear but the corners are blurry due to viewing angles. I sit a bit closer to screen though.
    Russell_Jemmett's avatar
    Russell_Jemmett Author
    I never understand issues with viewing angles... Why is it judged by looking at it not front on? I've never looked at my monitor from an angle and gone oh that looks pony...
    No offence here, just don't get it......
  8. martinspoon's avatar
    Nice deal
  9. Andy's avatar
    Good find, looks a nice price for the spec - not a bad first deal, @Russell_Jemmett
  10. Bingo_Bungo's avatar
    Does anyone use a laptop to connect to a 165hz monitor? What refresh rate do you guys get when connecting it via HDMI? Not DP
    Paul_f1's avatar
    I think it's 120hz through HDMI
  11. buckfast67uk's avatar
    Can anyone advise me what cable will be required to connect this to an HP elitebook?
  12. Andrew_Robertson's avatar
    Wots motion blur like on this VA plz
  13. timcunningham80's avatar
    thanks for this thread, it is really timely as my son is after a new gaming monitor for his birthday - he mentioned it a while ago and I have fone down a real rabbit hole in finding out what to get! What I know is he wants 1440P and a 27" - budget is £300 MAX but ideally I want to spend a lot less and it comes down (from what I can tell anyway) to an IPS for around the top budget (I have seen the Dell with the HDUK code on here which is really tempting) or a VA panel for £180-ish.

    I know an IPS will be a "better" monitor but it is worth the extra £100 or so it costs? Thankfully his birthday isn't until July so keeping an eye on deals for now in the hope an IPS comes on offer before then - as I said, the Dell deal is very tempting but I really don't want to spend that much
    glasgowgirl's avatar
    I am not too up on my monitors, so have listened to people on here and read reviews etc. what I would say is one of my children has a very similar spec Lenovo monitor to this (except curved) and it’s great, so we are now looking at this one for other child’s birthday
  14. C_J4GS's avatar
    Same price at Argos at the moment
  15. squizzle's avatar
    I set mine up just now (only just got around to it). Coming from a 1080p 24inch DELL IPS monitor, this feels comfortably bigger, not overwhelmingly so. Text is noticeably crisper which is a surprise to me as I have poor eyesight. I'm yet to tinker with the settings but I've done a dead pixel test and it seems to be dead pixel free. The backlight also appears to be very even.

    I've played some dark scenes from some movies and I'm very impressed by the details and depth of contrast - far better than my IPS monitor which had that IPS glow that I couldn't stand. I've done a scroll on twitter in night mode (white text on black background) with overdrive set to 4. The smaller text does unfortunately flicker/dim somewhat as I scroll but it's not as bad as I thought. So far it seems like a keeper to me but I have yet to try it extensively though.
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