Lenovo HW01 Smart watch @ Gearbest for £13.89

Lenovo HW01 Smart watch @ Gearbest for £13.89

Found 7th Sep 2017
Another smartwatch deal for anyone that missed out on the Xioami watch for £10.80. This one is from Lenovo, no idea how good they are compared to the Xioami one, however this one does seem to have a bigger screen. Blurb below,

Main Features:
- Heart Rate Monitor
Real-time monitor your heart rate, you can know your heartbeat condition at any time
- Sleep Monitor
Monitor your sleep time and quality, keep a beautiful skin state
- Sports Track
Record sports steps, distance, calories burned, etc. data, which lets you insist on sports every day
- Call Remind
Remind you with vibration in time even in a noisy environment
- BLE 4.2
With strong Bluetooth chip, the wristband can measure the data more accurately, low-power consumption
- About Compatibility Descriptions
Remote camera function:
Support iOS 8.0 / Android 4.4 smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2, based on the original software, but not necessarily compatible with other romantic photo software
Music player function:
Support iOS 8.0 / Android 4.4 smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2, and native music player, including:
Support the native music players conforming to the Google specifications
Built-in music player of iOS os smartphones can just play downloaded music which has been added from iTunes
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These are either fake or unsupported grey market models. If you use an official Lenovo firmware update then it pretty much kills them.
Ah my friends in gear best ...still have 2 undelivered items 2 months late PayPal claim maybe soo
Ive had mine for 3 months now, pretty good
Had one but awful build quality it fell apart literally after a few weeks. The xaiomi 1 is still going strong and far better quality.
Lenovo firmware went on without issue, they are okay for the price, but struggle to connect to some devices and the app needs to be running all the time on your device to record the data.
"not necessarily compatible with other romantic photo software" ?!
I have 2 and have had no build problems
they seem to last 3 to 4 days on a charge
but i only use it for heart monitoring and sleep
and I sync the data every few days with no problems
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I bought one for me and one for my gf about 3 months ago. Hers works fine but mine gave up the ghost after a month or so.

To test them I wore both watches on the same wrist and got differing heart rates! It also regularly disconnects from the dodgy Lenovo app.

It is only 14 quid though so I guess it isn't designed to be a market leader!
It's been proven that no Smart watch or Fitbit is remotely accurate.
AS others have already hinted at, this product is NOT made by Lenovo. It's a fake grey import and probably won't last very long. Lenovo tech just confirmed this for me but if you read the instruction sheet that comes with the product you'll pretty quickly come to the same conclusion as it's obvious. DON'T update the firmware on the bracelet if you're prompted to as this WILL kill the battery life and the product will only be fit for the bin shortly afterwards.
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