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Posted 16 March 2023

LENOVO IdeaCentre 5 Desktop PC - AMD Ryzen 7, 1 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD, Grey £399 @ Currys

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Calibrated thermal controls

Everyone wants a quiet, cool-running PC, and the IdeaCentre 5 Gen 6 (AMD) delivers just that, thanks to an ultra-efficient fan and vent system, improved heat sinks, and a higher thermal ceiling for both the CPU and GPU. You can even customize your thermal settings using Q Control, which lets you calibrate fan speeds from Quiet to Balance to Performance, based on what you’re doing.

Family-sized storage capacity

A family PC needs lots of storage space. Mom and Dad have photos to archive. The kids need space for saved games and school projects. And nowadays, everyone has downloaded media files to save. It’s no problem with the IdeaCentre 5 Gen 6 (AMD) desktop tower, which you can equip with up to 512GB SSD storage—ideal for fast boots and data transfers—or a huge, 2TB HDD

Connect to all your devices

Got peripherals? In addition to its modern, sleek design, the IdeaCentre 5 Gen 6 (AMD) has what you need to connect virtually any device, including a high-speed USB-C 3.2 (Gen 1) port, multiple USB-A ports, HDMI, and more. Add a high-resolution monitor (or two), stereo speakers, external storage, a gaming mouse—whatever you need.
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  1. Minal_1's avatar
    If anyone cares about specific information that may have not be mentioned:
    -8GB Ram (3200mhz)
    -The CPU has 8 cores
    - WiFi 6 too
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  3. bil.hussain's avatar
    What are AMD processes like these days?

    Are they better than Intel?
    jcmaton97's avatar
    Yeah they are good as in super competitive with Intel and none of the issues with being hot vs intel that they had back in the day (if anything the opposite).
    But really you can't say either is better because it depends on the price point and the individual processors and what the use case is. AMD and Intel both have many different processors they sell so there's give and take
  4. misa426's avatar
    Out of curiosity why would anyone buy a desktop other than for gaming? Otherwise why wouldn't you just get a laptop?

    And if it's for gaming will it be any good even though it doesn't have a graphics card?

    How good would it be for esports titles?

    Looks like a pretty nice system though. (edited)
    Welliesorter's avatar
    Ergonomics. It’s much easier to achieve a proper seating position in front of a desktop with separate keyboard and mouse. You can also position the screen optimally and have more space. With a laptop everything is a compromise, which could be detrimental to your health if you spend long hours using it.

    That said, there’s nothing to stop you connecting the keyboard, mouse and monitor to a laptop.
  5. jgreen07's avatar
    8GB ram a bit disappointing but overall good spec 
  6. freebiehunter's avatar
    Great value. Supplied a few of these for clients and have been impressed with build quality and good specs for the money - usually just 512gb ssd, so a bonus for the 256 ssd + 1TB hdd
  7. pontyslapper's avatar
    Can't just pop to your local Currys store and pick one up either - I tried a few places around the UK that I visit regularly with work and they are all showing delivery to store, even one close to London/Birmingham.

    Thats not very customer friendly like the Currys of old.

    I'd have dropped on one if I could have picked it up tomorrow on my travels - alas not for me.
  8. Chromatics12's avatar
    Can it play Crysis?
    duncancosgrove's avatar
    Can anything truly play Crysis?
  9. RandyMarsh1974's avatar
    Could I use this as a Plex media server?
    Guess_What's avatar
    Might be a bit overkill. One of them tiny pcs or a sbc will be more cost effecient.
  10. BoHo's avatar
    Looks like a good price for the spec. I'm looking for something that will fit general office use (which I know this is more than enough) with potential to add a graphics card at a later stage if I pass it on for more gaming use.

    Does anyone know what the stock CPU is in these, and also are the cases restricted to low profile cards?
    jcmaton97's avatar
    Ryzen 7 5700G. Reasonable integrated graphics for less intensive games. You can fit full height GPU in terms of bracket size but obviously you can't get a monster card in so it depends on the measurements of the card. Also 260W PSU so you can't put a monster card in anyway...
  11. Zarjaz2000's avatar
    Can this run two 4k displays?

    Showing OOS anyway. (edited)
  12. Modmedia's avatar
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